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单词 well 怎么用?



你可能知道 “well” 可以被用作副词,表示好地,出色地”,那你能说出在句子 “I know him well.” 中,“well” 的意思吗?“Well” 作形容词时的意思是什么?看视频,学习 “well” 的五个主要用法。


1. “Well” 作形容词时的意思是状况好的,身体健康的”。

I haven't been well. In fact, I've been off work for a few days.

A: How are you? 
B: I'm very 

2. “Well” 作副词时可以表示好地,出色地”。

You've made this skirt very well. You're good at sewing.

I learned this song yesterday. I can't sing it well yet. 

3. “Well” 作副词时可以修饰形容词和介词,表示很,非常”。

The library is beautiful. It's well worth visiting.

The price was well over what I thought.

4. “well” 作副词时还可以表示完全地,非常”,类似于程度副词 “thoroughly”

I'm happy to ask Harry for help. I know him well.

Add the flour, then stir the mix well.

5. 在日常会话中,当我们在思考要说的话时,可用语气词 “well” 表示啊,哎,那么”。语气词 “well” 常用在句首。

A: When will you be available for this meeting?
Well, I don't know yet. Let me talk to my manager.

A: Do you find English a difficult language?
Well, I do, but it's easier with BBC Learning English!

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