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《媒体英语》带大家一起学习 BBC 撰稿人在报道世界大事时常用的单词、短语和固定搭配表达。

Birds fitted with bands died younger, started breeding later in the year, took longer to forage for food and over all raised about 40 per cent fewer chicks.
For many though hair loss is no laughing matter. But now researchers in America say they've uncovered a cure. An academic medical centre has found that hair follicles actually shrink, but don't disappear.
To have the camera installed in the back of his head, Iraqi-born Wafaa Bilal had to undergo a painful surgical procedure to tuck the camera firmly under his scalp.
On Christmas Day 1990, in a laboratory in Switzerland, British physicist Tim Berners-Lee finished developing the tools to create the World Wide Web. He was working at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, Cern, in Geneva.
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