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《媒体英语》带大家一起学习 BBC 撰稿人在报道世界大事时常用的单词、短语和固定搭配表达。

Titan shroudedis a mysterious world. Because it's shrouded in a thick, oily haze, it's extremely hard to identify anything at the moon with confidence.
Qatar won the right to host the World Cup in 2022 despite its scorching temperatures which often exceed 40 degrees celsius.
Using a new, more powerful instrument on the Keck telescope in Hawaii, researchers have discovered that older galaxies contain twenty times more small dim stars, called red dwarves, than younger galaxies such as our own.
Right now in an icy den in the Arctic, a polar bear is giving birth to cubs, or is about to. But the very survival of this fearsome, majestic species concerns many humans.
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