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每年的12月31日在西方被称为“New Year’s Eve 新年前夜”。通过本期《英语小测验》,你可以学习一些人们在参加新年夜庆祝活动时常用的表达。

1. On New Year's Eve, it is common for people to make plans to change their life for the better. What question can you ask your friends to find out if they have made these kind of plans?

a) Have you made any New Year's resolutions?

b) Have you got any New Year's intentions?

c) What are your resolutions?

d) What New Year's resolutions have you done?

2. Every year people intend to __________ their New Year's resolutions, but they often fail.

a) stick up

b) stick to

c) get stuck to

d) get stuck in.

3. When the clock __________ midnight, people often drink __________ to the coming year.

a) chimes, a prize

b) sounds, a celebration

c) rings, a roast

d) strikes, a toast

4. Which verb CANNOT go in the gap? At midnight, people often __________ fireworks to celebrate the New Year?

a) set off

b) light

c) let off

d) alight

5. On New Year's Eve people tend to stay up late to __________ the New Year.

a) see off

b) see in

c) ring off

d) clap in

6. Just before midnight, there is a __________ to the New Year and then people shout __________ .

a) countdown, Happy New Year

b) backwards, Merry New Year's Day

c) countdown, Happy New Year's Day

d) count back, Merry New year


1) a, 2) b, 3) d, 4) d, 5) b, 6) a.


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