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海傍酒店-Episode 8

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Episode 8 – Problems, problems!

Characters: Naomi, Roberto, Luke, lady

[sound of phone ringing]

Luke: Reception, can I help you? …

MAN : Hello , yes, this is Mr Taylor in room 418. All the lights seem to have gone out.

Luke : Yes I am sorry about this, sir, our electrician is investigating the problem right now. We should have normal power in a few minutes. I do apologize for any inconvenience.

MAN: Oh, well is there any chance of getting something to eat and drink sent up to my room whilst we’re waiting for it to come back on?

Luke : Well I’m not sure if we have any power to do any hot food sir, but I can certainly send some sandwiches up to your room now … Oh, there we are sir, the emergency generator has kicked in now – the lights are back on. So , er, what exactly would you like sent up sir?

MAN : Well can I have some smoked salmon sandwiches (we don’t need anything hot right now ) and a nice cold bottle of Chablis please – and two glasses please.

Luke :: Yes of course sir, smoked salmon sandwiches and a bottle of our Chablis. I’ll get that organized right away.…Thanks very much sir. Bye bye. [puts down phone]


Luke: Hello Madam can I help you?

Lady: Yes, I’d like to check in, can I? Is there a problem?

Luke: I’m afraid we’ve just had a temporary problem with our electricity supply madam so our computers are down at the moment. That means I can’t give you your room card until the computers are back on again, but in the meantime, would you mind filling in this form?

Lady: Okay, but what am I going to do? – I don’t want to hang around waiting for your computers to come back on.

Luke: No of course not madam. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience. May I suggest that you relax in the Main bar with a drink of your choice, compliments of the hotel? I’ll phone through to our bar staff to make sure they don’t charge you. And I’ll come and call you when the computers are back on and we can check you in properly.

Lady: That’s a good idea, thank you!

Luke: You’re more than welcome Madam. And I do apologise again.

She leaves.

[sound of someone arriving]

Luke: Yes sir?

Male voice: Hello, I’ve just come down from room 208. There are still no towels in my room I’m afraid. I did call you about it earlier.

Luke : Yes, indeed sir. I’ll get onto housekeeping about it right away.

MAN : And I’m wanting to have a look around the town. Have you any suggestions where I should start.

Luke : Well, here is a map of the town sir. You’re very welcome to this. Now we are here, you see, and If I were you I would go along to the front….. here… and walk along until you come to the main Pier. That’s quite interesting in itself; it’s got a funfair on it and lots of rides and games…

Man : Er no…I…I don’t think that’s quite me.

Luke : No, right. Well then turn left away from the sea there and you come to the most amazing historic site – the Royal Pavilion. It looks totally oriental and over the top and inside it’s full of Regency furniture and decoration.

Man Yes well that sounds more my sort of thing. And that’s just here, yes?

Luke: Yes, that’s it. (Phone rings) Oh, just a minute sir.

[phone rings]

Luke: Good afternoon, reception, Luke speaking. .. yes…oh no…so you can’t ……the chickens are all over the road?! (Sighs) Well, I’ll tell the chef but he’s not going to be happy…yes…yes, I understand, okay, well, I’ll ask him to call you back. [phone is put down ] I’m sorry sir, I’ve got rather an urgent phone call to make….

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