Autumn Is Fall(原创)

When you first see this sentence, how do you understand it?

Regardless of the grammar, most would just say that the meaning implies autumn is coming. Dear friends please hold on. Autumn, as we know, is a British word while fall is an American English word which has the same meaning as autumn. Have you thought of that why we use fall to name autumn? And how do you understand this sentence?

From the nature standpoint, fall just means going down. Since America is in the North Temperate Zone there are distinct seasons in a year. And in the autumn, leaves are falling down, which characterizes autumn. In this case, fall has vividly described the scenery in autumn. Winds are becoming stronger and cooler ,temperatures are going down day by day, leaves are changing color and swaying in the wind to later blow them down to the ground.

How dismal a scene it is? In such an environment, most people will get depressed. We can also use the word fall to describe this kind of mood. People easily get sad especially in the deep autumn. We've got many famous poems that express this depressed mood in autumn. There is an old saying of this kind as well that the more autumn rain falls, the colder the weather will be! Besides, we also use this proverb that locusts at the end of the autumn cannot jump for too long a time to describe the situation that someone has not been so strong as before.

a harvest season
Leaves have turned yellow and fallen down, most birds have gone, animals are now ready to hibernate. In many people's eyes, the world seems to be dying little by little. In such a season, we inevitably get depressed and sentimental. However, on the other hand, we also have a beautiful and positive scene. As we all know, autumn is generally a harvest season when many fruits and crops are ripen. Also, according to the law of gravity, heavy fruit turning their faces down to the ground waiting for the harvest. How happy the farmers will be! For the farmer, autumn may be a golden season containing expectation and gratification.

From the standpoint of life, we can also divide the whole life into four seasons. Men of 40 may just be in the autumn of life. Have you observed this group of adults? If you do, you will probably find that they have a relative peaceful attitude to life comparing with the young men who are hot-blooded. From this angle, all those egotistical moods and eagerness to compete may subside.

Autumn is definitely fall. And if we are willing, we can find much philosophy in this so short sentence.

作者:四川大学通讯员 屈上

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