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Chump #1: The Workaholic Hotshot

This guy is always dressed to the nines, because he's loaded. Simmer down -- the cash flow comes at a price. He toils until the wee hours, then loosens his tie and parties like there's no tomorrow. Unfortunately, there is a tomorrow, and it starts in like three hours. What little time he has for you will be shared with his BlackBerry. The ugly truth: Money is the love of his life, and you come in second -- or third, since he's probably crunching more than numbers with his secretary。

NO.1 事业有成的工作狂

他的穿着那是相当讲究,因为他有的是钱。平静下来---- 这白花花的银子可不是白来的。他加班工作直至凌晨,然后松开领带,尽情狂欢,就像是没有明天。不幸的是,貌似只过了短短的三个小时,第二天就到来的。他能与你共度的短暂时光也只能通过他的黑莓手机来实现。丑恶的真相:他真正爱的是钱,作为伴侣的你只排在第二,或第三位,因为与他有“关系”的,不止是他的秘书。


Chump #2: The Adrenaline Junkie

This dude skydives, surfs, runs with the bulls -- anything for that rush. And he has the sick abs and chiseled arms to prove it. But to keep him happy, you need to be in perpetual motion too. This guy does not like to sit around, and he doesn't like for you to sit around either. And it isn't just a phase. In his late 30s, he'll get into marathons, and they'll lead to triathlons and eventually to the Ironman competition. Yeah, that means a trip to Hawaii, but instead of chilling on the beach you'll be cheering him on from the sidelines. Having fun yet?

NO.2 总是很high寻求刺激的人

这家伙会跳伞,冲浪,参加公牛狂欢节--- 为了体验快感,他什么都愿意尝试。他身上的肿块和打过石膏的胳膊可以证明他之前的“壮举”。为了让他高兴,你也得和他一起无休止的乱high。这家伙自己不愿静静的坐下,他也不喜欢你这样,就算一会儿也不行。在将近40岁的时候,他又一抽风去参加马拉松长跑,接着是三厢全能运动,最终是铁人争霸赛。是的,这意味着就算是去夏威夷的浪漫之旅,也会变成你在边线上为他呐喊助威的行程。够有趣了吧?

Chump #3: The Nice Guy With a Chip on His Shoulder

He'll ridicule the "tools who are trying too hard" with bold clothing choices to seem down-to-earth, but here's his dirty little secret: He spends just as much time picking out his outfit as his more fashion-conscious counterparts do. Under the casual exterior is a calculating killjoy with mom issues. He'll stand at the bar thinking, "Why is that girl going for that dude over there? One day, she'll come to her senses and get with a nice guy like me!" The truth is, he's so preoccupied with being overlooked that he'd be totally oblivious to your attention。

NO.3 小心眼的“好男人”


Chump #4: The Smooth Operator

He's the type that rolls up to the club in an Escalade and holds court in the VIP section, ordering bottle service all night. He scores women with entertaining small talk and name-dropping. Yeah, he's a Casanova in a skull cap (it replaced his trucker hat about a year ago). But this guy spells trouble. It takes confidence to pull it off with a straight face -- too much confidence. (There is such a thing。) He'll shower you with attention, but beware: You may not be the only chick in that shower!

NO.4 风流浪子



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