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聊聊你所不知道的感恩节    2010-11-24 16:56
Black Friday 感恩节后的“黑色星期五”    2009-11-25 09:38
Thanksgiving Day(感恩节)马上就要到了。提到Thanksgiving Day,美国人就会想到Black Friday(黑色星期五),也就是感恩节过后的星期五。  
A time of family reunion 美国人怎么过感恩节?    2009-11-24 09:12
History 感恩节追根溯源    2009-11-20 15:49
Thanksgiving day is celebrated mainly in America and Canada.  
Gratitude 感恩节“谢谢”英文怎么说?    2009-11-23 17:40
"Thanks"、"Thank you!"这些表示“谢谢”的话你都会,可是太单调。下面就教你一些"不同凡响"的道谢语,可以派上大用场哦!  
Warm wishes 感恩节祝福短信    2009-11-23 17:23
Warm wishes at Thanksgiving. 今天是感恩节,衷心祝福你!  
Turkey 感恩节为什么要吃火鸡?     2009-11-20 16:16
Of all the symbols of thanksgiving, the turkey is most familiar and widespread.  
Quotations 感恩节名言    2009-11-20 16:12
God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?" - William A. Ward  
Jokes 感恩节笑话    2009-11-20 16:07
Did you hear the one-liner about turkey crossing the road on Thanksgiving because it was the chicken's day off?  
Games 感恩节游戏    2009-11-20 16:04
One participant is chosen as the hunter and sent out of the room.  

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