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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days《十日拍拖手册》精讲之四
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Green: Selling a diamond to a woman is like making her fall in love. She has to feel giddy, desirous, adventurous, and desperate.

Spears: Take a look around this room, Phillip. Most of the women in this bar are looking for just that.

Ben: Exactly. The skills required to market diamonds are the same as those needed to make a woman fall in love, yes.

Spears: I'm not talking about lust. A woman in lust wants chocolate. A woman in love...wants diamonds.

Ben: Yeah, I'm not talking about lust, either, ladies. I'm talking about deep, meaningful, head-over-heels, his and her towels, Iet's grow old together, L-O-V-E. Look, I love women. I do. Whether they're four, 40, or my 88-year-old grandmother, I respect women, all right? And I also listen...to women, and that's why I can sell myself to any woman, anywhere, anytime.

Spears: Make a woman fall in love with diamonds, Benjamin...or with you?

Ben: Eh, either one.

Ben’s boss: Well, that's cocky, Ben.

Ben: No, not cocky--confident.

Spears: I'd like to see you prove that.

Ben: You would?

Spears: The agency's cohosting a party for the DeLauers at the Astor Museum. The party's a week from Sunday. Do you think you could make a woman fall in love with you by then?

Ben: Ten days?

Green: Any woman, anywhere, anytime?

Ben: Any single, available, straight woman--yes.

Spears: Yes. I'm not trying to trick you, Ben. In fact, we'll choose a woman right here, right now, in this bar, and then you decide.

Green: Ooh.

Ben: So, who's the lucky girl?

Green: Okay...Let's see here. Ooh, there's that blonde babe in the leopard print.

Ben’s boss: Whoa, ho, ho!

Green: She looks like fun.

Ben: Be nice, ladies.

Green: Or... wow, Miss Babylon Five. Now, she's on the prowl.

Spears: No. Her.

Ben: Her who?

Spears: Her, in the gray dress. Blonde hair. Pretty smile.

Green: Her?

Ben: Done.

Spears: What?

Ben: Done.

Ben’s boss: Done.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days《十日拍拖手册》精讲之四

Andie: See the guy next to the horrible guy in the green shirt that I would never even consider? Okay?

Jeannie: Hmm! Very cute.

Andie: Right?

Jeannie: Good.

Andie: All right? Here I go!

Ben: Okay, you're on. But here are the stakes. After I win this bet, this pitch is mine.

Spears: Agreed.

Ben: Phil?

Ben’s boss: Agreed. You come to that party with a girl that's really in love with you, Ben...you can make the pitch to the DeLauers.

Green: But, Phillip, you can't...

Ben’s boss: I've made up my mind. To the DeLauers.

Ben: To the DeLauers.

Spears: Cheers.

Ben’s boss: Cheers.

Green: Cheers.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1.giddy: 晕眩的,眼花的。影片中Green是指恋爱会让一个女人失去理智,头脑不清。giddy也可以指身体感觉到的晕眩。例如:It makes me giddy to go on a merry-go-round.(我骑旋转木马要头晕。)giddy也可以指“轻率的,轻佻的,轻浮的”,例如:a giddy young girl(轻佻的年轻姑娘)。

2. lust: (强烈的)性欲。影片中Spears认为充满性欲的女人想要的是巧克力,但是坠入爱河的女人想要的却是钻石。lust还有“渴望,欲望”的意思。例如:an insatiable lust for personal power(对个人权利贪得无厌的欲望)。

3. head-over-heels: 是词组head over heels的形容词形式。

head over heels: <口>完全地,深深地,非常。例如:be head over heels in debt(债台高筑)。也可以说成heels over head。影片中Ben强调他所谈论的是深深的爱情,而非性欲。

head over heels还有“头朝下的,颠倒的”的意思。例如:He fell head over heels into the gully.(他一个跟斗跌进了沟里。)

此外,head over heels还可以表示“纷乱地,鲁莽地,匆促地”。看一下例子:

The children all tried to come in the door at once, head over heels.


4. cocky: 骄傲自大的,过于自信的。

5. print: 印花布服装。

6. on the prowl: 躁狂地寻求性伴侣。影片中Green看到一个女人正在酒吧里来回穿梭,寻找男性伴侣。on the prowl还有“潜行,四处巡觅,徘徊”的意思。例如:an investor on the prowl for profits(四处寻求利润的投资者)。


Many wild animals prowl at night.(许多野兽夜出潜行觅食。)

I prowled around a farmer's field admiring the bridge.




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