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Never sell your soul 不要出卖灵魂

2010-04-29 16:12
For 25 years, when people have asked me for career advice, what I always tell them is don't give up what you have inside. Never sell your soul. Because no one can ever pay you back.

Head up high 昂起你的头

2010-04-22 15:59
"Hold your head up high," has been heard many times in my home. Each of my children has felt its invitation. The gift my mama gave me lives on in another generation.

Banana pudding 用爱烘焙的香蕉布丁

2010-04-14 10:36
It seemed their mom and I had more in common than I thought, we both used one important ingredient in our cooking, the most active one – love.


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2010-04-13 09:07

Forget and forgive 没什么,妈妈

2010-04-12 15:41
When we came to the point where I would usually pull away, I decided that, this time, I could hold on, perhaps, just a little bit longer.

April Fools' Day 整蛊笑话一箩筐

2010-04-01 16:15

Almond-shaped brooch 一份爱的礼物

2010-03-25 14:36
Dora had never received such a gift; she had no finery except her wedding ring. Speechless, she smiled radiantly and gathered her son into her arms.

Gloria's picture 天使的照片

2010-03-18 17:20
And, like my daughter, I have a faith that has carried me through many trials since that day many years ago.

Dish washing 父亲让我洗盘子

2010-03-11 13:22
The words came out of nowhere. And out of nowhere I knew the kind of man I wanted to be.

The whisper 让我轻声鼓励你

2010-03-05 08:28
While words from a godly teacher can melt a heart, words from a father can powerfully set the course of a life.

Love is action 爱在不言中

2010-02-25 14:49
Love is action. We may not always have positive feelings about certain people in our lives. But we can love them.

My money tree 我的摇钱树

2010-02-16 09:58
When I go out and weed or tend my flowers, I don't seem to miss my children as much as I once did. It feels like they're right there with me.

Forever Valentine 永远的情人节

2010-02-11 16:15
The card had a photograph of tulips on the outside, and on the inside my mother had printed " Happy Valentine's Day" . Beneath it, scrawled in barely legible handwriting, was " Love, Dad" .

Love words 情人节必备英语祝福

2010-02-11 09:00
After 25 years, our love is even stronger than before. 25年已经过去,我俩的爱情历久弥坚。

A tale of two fathers 我的两位父亲

2010-02-04 15:12
In addition to ending years of confusion and estrangement, we learned to share the joy of being the proud daughters of two extraordinary fathers.

Talk about Tyler 天堂里的红衣服

2010-01-28 10:06
I might die soon. I'm not scared. When I die, please dress me in red. Mom promised she's coming to heaven, too. I'll be playing when she gets there, and I want to make sure she can find me.

A coke and a smile 可乐与微笑

2010-01-21 15:31
I know now that the man who sat with me on the old wooden stairs that hot summer night over thirty-five years ago was not a tall man. But to a five-year-old, he was a giant.

I love you but I hate you 爱恨交加

2010-01-15 11:19
Be yourself and enjoy your partner as himself or herself not as you want them to be. Because you did fall in love with them knowing who they are.

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