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2012 年 6 月英语四级真题答案

On Excessive Packaging

Nowadays the phenomena of excessive packaging of goods are prevailing in our society: clothes swathed in tissue paper, placed in cardboard box and finally wrapped in well-designed plastic bags, imported bottles of grape wine packed in wooden boxes, fruits put in hand-woven baskets, to name but a few. There are several causes of excessive packaging. The first reason is that a large number of companies believe that they can attract customers’ attention and stimulate their purchasing desire by over-packaging their goods, thus gaining more profits. On the other hand, quite a number of consumers mistakenly hold that the more delicate the package is, the better the quality will be, thus encouraging excessive packaging. In my point of view, excessive packaging has disastrous consequences, including the loss of precious resources, excessive consumption of water and energy, and unnecessary extraction of scarce land for landfill. To solve the problem, it’s necessary to take the following measures. First, laws and regulations must be made to restrict excessive packaging of companies. In addition, we need to raise consumer’s awareness that excessive packaging doesn’t equal to high quality and advocate packaging recycling.

【解析】 本次作文的话题是“过度包装”,话题不断新,考生应该都比较熟悉。写好本篇作文的关键在 于紧跟题目所列提纲:现象——原因——看法和建议,确定相应的写作结构。重点分析产生此现象的原因有哪些,把最重要的两三点罗列下来。最后,根据分析出的原因提供相应的建 议。 范文首段开门见山, 首先一句话总结如今社会上过度包装现象盛行, 而后举出一些实例补充 说明。 第二段重点从公司和消费者两方面论述产生过度包装的原因。 公司方面是为了吸引顾客, 刺 激消费,赢取更多的利润;消费者方面是认为包装越精美,质量越好这种错误的消费意识。 接下来作者表明自己的看法,认为过度包装会导致很多问题:稀缺资源的流失;水,能源的 过度消耗以及产生不必要的垃圾场等。 最后一段作者针对原因提出了一些解决方案。 第一方面, 建立法律规章制度来约束企业的过 度包装行为。第二方面,必须让消费者认识到过度包装不等同于高质量,并提倡包装物的回 收利用。 本文条理清晰, 论述充分, 语言使用规范得当, 如: to name but a few, first reason is that…, the on the other hand,in my point of view,to solve the problem,first,in addition 等。

1. D) providing good education for baby boomers.

2. D) Students’ performance declined.

3. D) They are mostly small in size.

4. D) Some large schools have split up into smaller ones.

5. C) their college-level test participation.

6. B) Their school performance was getting worse.

7. A) maintain closer relationships with their teachers.

8. Simplicity

9. different measures

10. tough subjects



M: As you can see from the drawings, the kitchen has one door into the dining room, another into the family room and a third to the outside.

W: The door into the family room isn’t big enough. Could it be made wider?

Q: What are the speakers doing?

【答案】D) Discussing a housing plan.

解析】此题为简单的推理题。从drawing,kitchen等关键词可知,两人正在看房间的图纸,并讨论希望family room能够再大点。


M: I’m thinking about where to go for a bite tonight. Any suggestions, Barbara?

W: Well, how about the French restaurant near the KFC? Frankly, I’ve had enough of our canteen food.

Q: What do we learn about the woman?

【答案】D) She is tired of the food in the canteen.



W: Hey, if you can’t enjoy the music at a sensible volume, why not use earphones? I’m preparing for the speech contest.

M: Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize I’ve being bothering you all this time.

Q: What is the man probably doing?

【答案】C) Listening to some loud music.



M: Finally, I’ve got the chance to put on my new suit tonight. I hope to make a good impression on your family.

W: Come on! It’s only a family reunion. So jeans and T-shirts are just fine.

Q: What does the woman mean?

【答案】C) The man can dress casually for the occasion.



M: Would you like to see those pants in brown and navy blue? These two colors are coming in this season.

W: Oh, actually grey is my favourite color, but I prefer something made from cotton, 100% cotton I mean.

Q: What is the woman looking for?

【答案】B) Grey pants made from pure cotton.

【解析】此题为细节题。从关键词pants,grey,100% cotton可知,女子想要的是灰色纯棉的短裤。


W: From here, the mountains look as if you could just reach out and touch them.

M: That’s why I chose this lodge. It has one of the best views in Switzerland.

Q: What is the man’s chief consideration in choosing the lodge?

【答案】C) Its location.



M: What do I have to do to apply for a passport?

W: You need proof of citizenship, either an old passport or a birth certificate and three photographs. Then you must complete this form and pay a fee.

Q: What is the man most probably going to do?

【答案】C) Travel overseas.



M: Miss, can I interest you in a pork special with serving tonight? It’s only 799, half the usual price and it’s very tasty.

W: Oh really? I will try it.

Q: What does the man say about the dish?

【答案】A) It is a good bargain.



Part III Listening Comprehension

Section A

Conversation 1

W:Good evening, and welcome to this week’s business world. The program for and about business people. Tonight we have Mr. Steven Kayne, who has just taken over and established bicycle shop. Tell us, Mr. Kayne, what made you want to run your own store?

M: Well, I always loved racing bikes and fixing them. When I was working full-time as a salesman for a big company, I seldom had time to enjoy my hobby. I knew then that as soon as I had enough money to get my own business going, I’ll do it. I had my heart set on it and I didn’t let anything stand in my way. When I went down to the bank and got a business loan, I knew I’d love being my own boss. Now my time is my own. I open the store when I want and leave when I want。

W:You mean you don’t keep regular hours?

M: Well, the sign on my store says the hours are ten to six, but if business is slower than usual, I can just lock up and take off early。

W: Had you hired any employees to work with you yet?

M: Yeah, a couple of friends of mine who love biking as much as I do. They help me out a few days a week. It’s great because we play cards or just sit around and talk when there are no customers.

W: Thank you, Mr. Kayne. We wish you success in your new business。

Q19.what is the woman doing?

Q20.What did Mr. Kayne do before he took over the bicycle shop?

Q21.Why did the man take over a bicycle shop?

Q22.What do we learn about the people working in the shop?


19. D

20. A

21. B

22. A

Conversation 2

W: Well, the main activities in the region were historically steel and paper processing, I think.

M: Yes, but I’m not quite sure about the status of those industries now. Could you tell us something about that?

W: Yes, of course. In fact, they are less significant, but steel-related manufacturing still accounts for 44% of industrial activity. So it’s still very important. In fact, 80% of Spain’s machine tools are from the Basque country. As for paper processing, there’s still a little. But it’s no longer what it once was in the region. So, is that clear?

M: Yes, thanks.

W: Now, to get back to what I was saying, there’s a lot of unemployment as well as geographical problems in the region.

M: Sorry, Victoria. What do you mean by geographical problems?

W: Well, what I mean is the area is very hilly, mountainous in parts. So there used to be transport problems, now though there are new train links and better roads, but it may be that some smaller towns inland remain not very well connected, is that OK? Does that make sense? When we talk about specific location suggestions for the factory, we’ll see this in more detail, so we’ll come back to this question, OK?

M: OK, right.

W: So I was about to say something about the work force in the region and the level of training and education. In general, it’s very good and improving.

Question 23-25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

23. What does the woman say about the steel-related manufacturing in the region?

24. What problems hinder the region’s development?

25. What will the speakers discuss later?


23. B

24. C

25. C


Part III Listening Comprehension

Section B

Directions: In this section, you will hear 3 short passages. At the end of each passage, you will hear some questions. Both the passage and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a question, you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.

Passage one

Q26: B. They had known each other since childhood

Q27: B. At Joe’s house

Q28: A. Social divisions will break down if people get to know each other.

Passage two

Q29: A. In his building’s parking lot

Q30: A. It had been stolen by someone

Q31: B. In the city garage

Passage three

Q32: D. The mysteriousness of creativity

Q33: A. It is the source of all artistic work

Q34: D. Creative imagination

Q35: A. It is part of everyday life


36. calculators

37. handle

38. items

39. Responding

40. emergencies

41. rarely

42. occur

43. murders

44. there have been hundreds of thefts and cases of deliberate damaging of public property.

45. Things get stolen when it is easy to steal them because they are left lying around unwatched.

46. A better way to solve this problem might be for all of us to be more careful with our things.


47. E. domestic

48. C. communities

49. O. survive

50. H. gather

51. M. serves

52. N. surroundings

53. J. recession

54. K. reported

55. I. households

56. F. financially

57. B. bring about a drop in the divorce rate

58. C. living separately would be too costly

59. D. Falling housing prices.

60. C. It will irreparably damage their relationship.

61. D. The economic recovery will see a higher divorce rate.

62. D) It profits by selling its user’s personal data.

63. C) They don’t know their personal data enriches Facebook.

64. C) To render better service to its users.

65. B) Formulating regulations for social-networking sites.

66. C) He doesn’t want his personal data abused.




67. C avoid

68. B however

69. D failing

70. C stages

71. A on

72. A predicts

73. A through

74. B and

75. B sensitive

76. D experience

77. B as well as

78. C emotions

79. D to

80. A inevitable

81. D receive

82. A with

83. D quality

84. B positive

85. A memories

86. B increased


87. Those flowers looked as if they hadn't been watered for a long time(好长时间没有浇水了)。


88. Fred bought a car last week. It is £1,000 cheaper than mine(比我的车便宜一千英镑)。

【点评】简单的比较级,cheaper than。不需要重复car,直接用mine代替my car。

89. This TV program is quite boring. We might as well listen to the music (不妨听听音乐)。

【点评】might as well“不妨”,原句中有might。listen to the music,听音乐。

90. He left his office in a hurry, with lights on and doors open(灯亮着,门开着)。


91.The famous novel is said to have been translated into multiple languages(已经被译成多种语言)。

【点评】be said to后面跟动词原型,“已经被译”,用完成时被动语态have been translated,介词用into。







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