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This handout photograph taken on July 7, 2017, by Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut shows a new chocolate called "Rubis" (Ruby), naturally obtained without the addition of berries, flavors or colorings.[Photo/VCG]

>Ruby chocolate launched
A brand new variety of chocolate is set to hit Australian shores and it comes in a pretty pink hue. Ruby chocolate is the world's "fourth chocolate". Ruby chocolate derives its unique color from the ruby cocoa bean, which is grown in Ecuador, Brazil and the Ivory Coast. Powder extracted from the bean during processing is used to color the chocolate and its creators state no berries or colors have been added in the making. The chocolate's taste is described as "sweet yet sour" with "little to none" of the cocoa flavor traditionally associated with other varieties of chocolate. The innovation, by Barry Callebaut AG, the world's largest cocoa processor, comes after about a decade of development.


Alibaba Group co-founder and executive chairman Jack Ma speaks during a news conference in Hong Kong, China, June 25, 2018. [Photo/Agencies]

>Ma will quit chairmanship
Jack Ma, founder and chairman of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, will leave his position as the company's chairman on Sept 10, 2019, according to an official announcement on Monday. CEO Daniel Zhang Yong will take over as chairman. Ma will stay as an Alibaba board member after Sept 10, 2019, until the company's annual general meeting of stockholders in 2020, the announcement said. Besides acting as partner of Alibaba, Ma will focus on public welfare and educational business, he said in an open letter to the public on Sept 10, a meaningful day - Ma's birthday, the founding day of Alibaba and also China's Teacher's Day. "Starting a business was only incidental. My biggest dream lies in the education," he said.



>Hand dryers spread bacteria
Jet hand dryers spread dangerous bacteria around bathrooms and are significantly less hygienic than traditional paper towels, scientists have found. An international study established that modern dryers create an aerosol effect, blasting E. Coli (大肠杆菌) as well as traces of feces and the bacteria responsible for septicaemia (败血症) onto surfaces. By contrast, paper towels absorb the bugs better, preventing other people from becoming exposed to them. Published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, the study, the largest of its kind, was partly carried out at Leeds General Infirmary. "The problem starts because some people do not wash their hands properly," said Mark Wilcox, who led the study at the University of Leeds. "When people use a jet air dryer, the microbes get blown off and spread around the toilet room. If people touch those surfaces, they risk becoming contaminated by bacteria or viruses.


The exterior of a Burberry store is seen in central London, Britain, November 3, 2017.[Photo/VCG]

>Burberry stops burning stock
Britain's Burberry will no longer burn unsold luxury goods to protect its brand after an admission that it destroyed 28.6 million pounds worth of stock last year sparked a furore over waste in the fashion industry. Burberry also said it would no longer use real fur, such as mink and racoon, in another step towards improving its social and environmental credentials, which was immediately welcomed by animal rights campaigners. It is also working with the sustainable luxury company Elvis & Kresse to transform 120 tons of leather offcuts into new products over the next five years. Exane BNP Paribas analyst Luca Solca said Burberry's announcement could put pressure on other luxury names to be more transparent about how they handle unsold goods.

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