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小测验 — 英语中的引述动词


在汉语里,人们常用 “xxx 说、讲” 等词语来引述他人的话语。英语中像 “say” 和 “tell” 这类动词可被称为引述动词 “reporting verbs”。你还知道哪些引述动词? “Refuse、offer、suggest” 是引述词吗?它们怎么用?做小测验,学习如何正确引用他人的话。

1. Complete sentence B using the correct reporting verb.
A: My daughter said: ‘No, I’m not eating meat! I’m vegetarian now.’
B: My daughter ______.

a) denied eating meat.

b) offered not to eat meat.

c) refused to eat meat.

d) threatened not to eat meat.

2. A: Jamie said: ‘I’ll never say anything bad about Jess again.’
B: Jamie ______ never say anything bad about Jess again.

a) promised to

b) threatened to

c) offered to

d) advised to

3. A: ‘You must never walk home alone after 7pm. It’s too dangerous,’ I said to Karina.
B: I ______ Karina never to walk home alone after 7pm.

a) asked

b) promised

c) recommended

d) warned

4. She wouldn’t let anyone pay. She ______ for everyone’s meal herself.

a) insisted on paying

b) suggested that she would pay

c) threatened to pay

d) agreed that she would pay

5. I ______ him a lift to the train station, but he said no and got a taxi instead.

a) recommended giving

b) regretted not giving

c) offered to give

d) agreed to give

6. The dentist ______ Angelo to stop eating so many sweets.

a) offered

b) advised

c) accused

d) promised

7. The musician ______ copying the music from another song, saying it was all her original music.

a) admitted

b) regretted

c) suggested

d) denied

8. The police ______ that 27 people had been taken to hospital.

a) confirmed

b) suggested

c) promised

d) encouraged


1) c, 2) a, 3) d, 4) a, 5) c, 6) b, 7) d, 8) a.

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