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The woman who swims inside icebergs 在冰山里游泳的女潜水员



The woman who swims inside icebergs 在冰山里游泳的女潜水员


有关 “extreme sports(极限运动)” 的词汇


How does Jill Heinerth deal with extreme fear?


A lot of people think I'm some sort of a fearless adrenalin junkie. But I’m not fearless, I’m scared all the time.

很多人认为我是个无畏的 “肾上腺素迷”。但我不是无所畏惧,我一直都很害怕。

I have led the team to be the first people to go cave diving inside an iceberg. And we did that in Antarctica - so far away from help that there’s certainly no one around to rescue you if something goes wrong.


And during those dives inside this unbelievably dangerous and shifting environment, we got pinned down by a ripping current that was like trying to walk against a hurricane-force wind except there we were under water, underneath an iceberg, trying to swim against a current that was too strong to make any headway to get out of this ice cave.


I've learned to deal with fear - terrifying, mind-numbing fear. So it's really important for me to just stop, take a very deep, low breath.


These caves that I get to swim in are like museums of natural history. They hold evidence of global climate change. They contain the remains of civilisations that are no longer here on Earth and even the bones of paleo animals that are now extinct.

我去过的这些洞穴就像自然历史的博物馆。它们 存有全球气候变化的证据。洞穴里有在地球上已不存在的文明遗迹,甚至还有现已灭绝的旧石器时代动物的骨头。

So, these environments are beautiful. They're wondrous and they have so much teach us about science. I don't know what a retirement would look like for me because I'm already doing the things that I love to do every day. I know it is a dangerous endeavour that I'm involved in. But I don’t see any near, you know, end to what I am doing.



adrenalin junkie 喜欢参加危险、刺激的运动和活动的人

rescue 救援,营救

shifting environment 不断变化的周围环境

mind-numbing fear 让人大脑麻木,无法正常思考的恐惧感

dangerous endeavour 危险的尝试


She stops and takes a very deep, low breath.



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