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外交部发言人办公室微信公众号 2020-05-25 11:11




Under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin, the indomitable Russian people will defeat the virus and the great Russian nation will emerge from the challenge with renewed vigor and vitality.



The two countries have supported and defended each other against slanders and attacks coming from certain countries. Together, China and Russia have forged an impregnable fortress against the “political virus” and demonstrated the strength of China-Russia strategic coordination.



The two countries’ joint response to the virus will give a strong boost to China-Russia relations after COVID-19.



With China and Russia standing shoulder-to-shoulder and working back-to-back, the world will be a safer and more stable place where justice and fairness are truly upheld.




We Chinese are a grateful nation. We are always ready to reciprocate acts of friendship and kindness from others. Moreover, China is always willing and ready to help others. When our friends are in distress, we never sit by and do nothing.



We are aware that some political forces are mischaracterizing our intention. But we have done everything in the open and we have a clear conscience.



Nothing we do to help other countries’ COVID-19 response is out of geopolitical calculation, or in pursuit of economic gains, or with any political strings attached.



In providing assistance, we have but one goal, that is to save as many lives as possible. We have but one belief, that is one country’s success does not mean the end of the global pandemic. It is only when the virus is defeated in all countries can we claim a true victory.



China is not a savior. But we try to be a friend in need, a sincere partner to be counted on in times of difficulty.




Hong Kong affairs are China’s internal affairs and allow no external interference. Non-interference, as a basic norm of international relations, must be observed by all countries.



The central government is responsible for upholding national security. This is the same in any country. The central government holds the primary and ultimate responsibility for national security in all sub-national administrative regions. This is the basic theory and principle underpinning national sovereignty and a common practice in countries around the globe.



Excessive unlawful foreign meddling in Hong Kong affairs has placed China’s national security in serious jeopardy. Under such circumstances, establishing a legal system and enforcement mechanisms for safeguarding national security in the Hong Kong SAR has become a pressing priority. We must get it done without the slightest delay.



The NPC decision is targeted at a narrow category of acts that seriously jeopardize national security. It does not affect the high degree of autonomy in Hong Kong. It does not affect the rights and freedoms enjoyed by Hong Kong residents. And it does not affect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors in Hong Kong. We have every reason to be more confident in Hong Kong’s future. There is no need for concern. The adoption of the decision will start a legislative procedure. This will improve Hong Kong’s legal system, and bring more stability, stronger rule of law, and a better business environment to Hong Kong. They will protect the basic principle of “one country, two systems”, as well as Hong Kong’s position as a global financial, trading and shipping center.




Regarding the source of the virus, the difference between China and some US politicians is as wide as that between facts and lies, between science and prejudice.



History should be written with facts, not tainted by lies. The global narrative about COVID-19 should reflect reason and conscience. Humanity has an obligation to leave behind an objective and truthful account as part of its collective memory.



China is open to joint efforts by the international science community to identify the source of the virus. Importantly, it must be a professional, impartial and constructive process.



The process of identifying the source of the virus must be free from political interference, respect the sovereign equality of nations, and avoid a presumption of guilt. All countries closely related to the virus should be covered by field missions. The whole process should be open, transparent, objective and rational.

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