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外交部发言人办公室微信公众号 2020-05-25 11:11




China and the EU are not each other’s systemic rivals. They are comprehensive strategic partners.



China-EU interaction should be a positive cycle that enables our mutual success, not a knock-out match which results in only one winner.



COVID-19 is an unprecedented crisis. It requires China and the EU to rise above ideological differences, dispel self-fulfilling suspicions and send a common message of solidarity and cooperation.




The attempt to file frivolous lawsuits is a shoddy one, as it has zero basis in fact, law or international precedence.



China’s record of COVID-19 response is there for the world to see, with a clear timeline and solid data that will stand the test of time and history.



Some people are clamoring for so-called “accountability and compensation” from a victim of COVID-19 and fabricating so-called “evidence” for frivolous lawsuits. These people are trampling on international rule of law and betraying human conscience. Their action does not square with facts, stand up to reason or have any legal foundation.



Today’s China is not what it used to be a hundred years ago, nor is the world anything like the one from a century ago. If anybody thought they could use some ludicrous lawsuits to undermine China’s sovereignty and dignity or to deprive the Chinese people of their hard-won gains, they’d be daydreaming and bring disgrace to themselves.




The people of China, Japan and the ROK went to each other’s aid and left many touching stories that give true meaning to the verses “Though we live in different lands, the same moon and sky make us one” and “United by the same humanity, we forget our nationality”.



The joint response of China, Japan and the ROK to COVID-19 is providing a source of confidence and setting an example for the world.



China is prepared to work with Japan, the ROK and other countries in the region to completely defeat COVID-19 as soon as possible, restore economic vitality in East Asia, and promote development in our region and the world with Oriental wisdom and strength.




COVID-19 may have pressed the “pause” button on the interactions between countries, but China’s diplomacy has not paused for a moment. Despite COVID-19, China has engaged in what we call “cloud diplomacy” (in the form of phone calls, exchange of correspondence and video conferences).



President Xi Jinping has personally led China’s diplomatic efforts throughout this period. He has engaged with many world leaders and advanced international cooperation as a global statesman.



China’s diplomatic service will adapt to the new normal of COVID-19 response, focus on five priorities and create new highlights.




China and Africa are good brothers who have shared weal and woe together. Our people, having fought shoulder-to-shoulder for national liberation, are partners for common development. A few years back, we were together fighting Ebola. In the battle against COVID-19, China and Africa have again stood by each other.



China will work with other G20 members to implement the debt service suspension initiative to ease Africa’s debt burden. China is also considering further bilateral support for African countries under the greatest strain to help our African brothers and sisters through this difficult time.



We are convinced that with help from China and the rest of the global community, the youthful continent of Africa will achieve greater and faster development after defeating COVID-19.

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