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外交部发言人办公室微信公众号 2020-05-25 11:11




To achieve a genuine settlement of issues on the Korean Peninsula, it is important to not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk.



The general outline of a settlement for the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula is clear. The rare opportunity for solving the issue should not be missed again.




The people in Taiwan are our fellow compatriots. We have closely followed the COVID-19 developments in Taiwan, and we send our best wishes for the health of our Taiwan compatriots.



It’s the Taiwan authorities who have turned a blind eye to their people’s well-being. Turning its back on the 1992 Consensus that the two sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to one and the same China, they have shut the door to cross-Straits consultation on Taiwan’s external activities.



Reunification of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait is the trend of history. No individual or force can stop it from happening.



We urge the US side to fully appreciate the great sensitivity of the Taiwan question. We advise the US side to ditch its illusions and political calculations. We ask the US side not to make any attempt to challenge China’s red line.




There is nothing to support the claim that China is using COVID-19 to expand its presence in the South China Sea.



Ships and planes carrying critical supplies are sailing in and flying over the South China Sea, a body of water that’s witnessing mutual assistance and cooperation between China and ASEAN countries.



A few countries outside the region are flexing their muscles by sending military aircraft and vessels to the South China Sea. Their ill-intentioned and despicable moves are meant to undermine the hard-won stability in the region.



China and ASEAN countries have agreed to conclude the COC at an early date, a goal we are confident and determined to achieve. No external interference can distract or sabotage our efforts.




The Foreign Ministry and Chinese diplomatic and consular missions all over the world have swung into action and worked all out on an unprecedented operation to provide consular protection to Chinese nationals wherever they are in the world.



Since the start of COVID-19, the well-being of overseas Chinese nationals has been dear to the heart of the motherland.



A word to our fellow Chinese abroad: Whatever happens, the motherland is always behind you, and the Chinese diplomatic and consular missions will always be there for you.



Serving the people is the abiding mission of Chinese diplomats. The past few months have been an extraordinary time for us. Our entire diplomatic service, from heads of mission to everyone in our embassies and consulates, have acted with a strong sense of responsibility and dedication to their job. They have braved the risk of infection and readily made sacrifices.




The fast-moving events in recent months have taken Afghanistan closer to peace than ever. But the road ahead is far from smooth.



The Afghan people are entitled to a better life free from the shadow of war. As close neighbors and brothers, the Chinese people have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with them.





In this extraordinary battle, the people of Hubei and Wuhan have made enormous efforts and sacrifices as well as a significant contribution to the COVID-19 response in and beyond China.



On behalf of the entire diplomatic service, I wish to pay high tribute to the heroic people of Hubei and Wuhan!



The Foreign Ministry would love to hold a special promotion event to showcase the new Hubei and Wuhan that have emerged stronger from COVID-19. This will be a major opportunity for the world to know more about Hubei and give more support to Wuhan.



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