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如何区分 journey 和 trip?



名词 “journey” 和 “trip” 都有 “旅行,旅程” 的意思,但它们所描述的 “旅行” 有一定的区别。在使用时,通常可以根据行程的长短和出行方式来决定用哪个词更合适。“一分钟英语” 教你区分这两个词语的窍门。


Hi! Sian here again. Now, we all love going on holiday, but these two words can cause problems!

So, a journey is a noun and refers to a single piece of travel. So, when you move from one place to another – by car, plane, train, bus...

The journey to London takes three hours by bus.

A trip is also a noun, but usually refers to more than one journey and the time you spend in a place. So if someone asks:'How was your trip?' They are asking about the whole time you are away, not the journey.

"How was your camping trip, Sian?" "It was fun but it rained all weekend."

A trip is often quite short compared to a holiday, and we can use it in these set phrases: so you can have 'a business trip', 'a school trip' or 'a day trip'.


1 名词 “journey” 指 “一段旅程、旅途”,即乘坐一种交通工具从一地到另一地。它强调 “单次行程”。

The journey to London takes three hours by bus.

2 名词 “trip” 指 “一次旅行、旅游”,其中可能包括多段行程。比如, 如果有人问:“How was your trip? (你这次旅行怎么样?)” 这里,“trip” 指 “出游的整段时间”,而非单次行程。 

How was your camping trip, Sian?
It was fun but it rained all weekend.

3 与 “holiday(假期)” 相比,“trip(旅行)” 的时间相对较短。包含 “trip” 的常见搭配有:

A business trip 一次商务旅行
A school trip 一次学校郊游
A day trip 一日游

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