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2月4日,在北京2022年冬奥会开幕倒计时一周年(the one-year countdown to the opening of the Games)之际,北京冬奥会、冬残奥会火炬“飞扬(Flying)”正式发布。


The 2022 Olympic torch spirals upward to resemble two overlapping fluttering ribbons. The inner red ribbon evokes rising flames, with the outer one plated in silver to produce a striking contrast.

As the torch turns, the whirling red line hidden in the crack seems to stretch endlessly, representing mankind's relentless pursuit of brightness, peace, excellence and the values promoted by the Olympic Movement.

The torch features the Beijing 2022 emblem and the Olympic rings etched on its section, with patterns of clouds and snowflakes painted from the bottom up to the flame.

Beaming with dynamism and vitality, the two-tone torch presents a metaphor of ice and fire, symbolizing how it will bring light and warmth to the winter sports gala.


在介绍火炬的象征意义的时候,英文报道经常用到symbolize或represent,这两个词都有“象征”的意思,在这个语境下可以替换使用,比如:A lion symbolizes/represents courage。二者的区别在于,symbolize只有“象征”这一层意思,而represent的意思用法要广得多。我们最熟悉的一个意思就是“to speak, act, or be present officially for another person or people”,即“代表”,比如:I sent my husband to represent me at the funeral(我让我丈夫代表我去参加葬礼),Women were poorly represented at the conference(参会的女性很少),大家选出来代表某个群体的“代表”就是representative;represent还有“体现,描绘”的意思,比如:This new report represents the current situation in our schools(这份新报告描述了我们学校当前的形势),He represents himself as an expert, but he knows nothing(他把自己描述成一个专家,但他什么都不知道)。


Sharing the same structure and patterns, the torch for the 2022 Paralympic Winter Games features a different color scheme of gold and silver. The bottom of the torch is engraved with Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games in Braille.


The design allows both torches to lock into each other at the top when one bearer passes the flame to another during the Torch Relay, symbolizing Beijing 2022's vision to promote mutual understanding and respect between different cultures.
火炬交接时,两支火炬的顶部可以紧密相扣,体现出让不同文明更加相知相融的北京 2022 年冬奥会愿景。


To honor Beijing's status as the world's first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics, the 2022 torch features a similar design to the 2008 Games' main cauldron, which resembled a giant scroll, highlighting the legacy of the Olympic spirit in the Chinese capital.




Using a combustion system developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp, the torch's flame, fueled by eco-friendly hydrogen, was designed and has undergone rigorous testing to burn reliably in all weather conditions and to withstand strong winds and extreme, low temperatures.


这里的-friendly作为后缀,通常用在名词后面,表示“对...友好的”,比如:user-friendly interface(用户友好的界面)、environment-friendly/eco-friendly(对环境友好的/环保的)。


The torch is made of carbon-fiber materials developed by Sinopec and is light in weight and resistant to high temperatures.


这里的resistant to表示“对...有抵抗力的”,比如:These plants are resistant to cold temperatures(这些植物能耐低温),如果用来形容人,经常表示“抗拒的”,比如:Why are you so resistant to change?(你为什么这么抗拒改变呢);resistant还经常作为后缀,与其他名词构成合成形容词,表示“抗...的,耐...的”,比如:wrinkle-resistant clothes(不易起皱的衣服),fire-resistant material(耐火材料)。

2020年9月22日,经过北京冬奥组委多轮评审,从182个全社会有效征集方案(182 entries in a global competition)中,确定了现在的火炬设计方案。

2020年12月7日,国际奥委会执委会(the International Olympic Committee's Executive Board)审议通过了北京2022年冬奥会火炬设计方案。


deliver an Olympics in 2022 with a "green, inclusive, open and clean" approach

winter sports

the Olympic spirit

national fitness campaign


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