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The dentist helping a koala to walk 牙医为一只考拉制作义肢



The dentist helping a koala to walk 牙医为一只考拉制作义肢


有关 “improving health(改善健康)” 的词汇


What did the dentist make to help the koala walk?


It’s an unlikely story – but an Australian dentist has made the world’s first prosthetic foot for a koala.


Jon Doulman, Dental Prosthetist
My name's Jon Doulman – and I’m a prosthetist, I make dentures – so it was just a matter of bending the rules a bit I suppose.

乔恩·杜尔曼     牙科修复师

This is Triumph – Jon’s first animal patient. He’s a rescue koala who was born without a foot.

这是考拉 “胜利”,它是乔恩的第一位动物病人。它是一只获救的考拉,生下来就少长了一只爪子。

Marley Christian, Vet Nurse
Because he didn't have a foot, he limped and he wouldn't put pressure on it. He had difficulty in climbing. He could not jump, and of course, he walked a lot slower.

马莉·克里斯蒂安     动物护理员

Marley wanted to help Triumph with his mobility. But when initial attempts to make a prosthetic failed, she ended up going down a less conventional route.


Marley Christian, Vet Nurse
I was speaking to our local dentist, Jon, and he wanted to have a look. I thought, hmm, OK!

马莉·克里斯蒂安     动物护理员

Jon Doulman, Dental Prosthetist
I realised that he was in trouble. Just watching him walk around, holding his leg in the air. The fact that his leg bone almost protrudes through the bottom, so he’s standing on it, and I thought there’s nothing to lose – I should have a go at [helping] him.

乔恩·杜尔曼     牙科修复师

So, Jon made a model of Triumph’s leg and got to work looking for a solution.


Jon Doulman, Dental Prosthetist
I came up with the idea of making a boot out of this dental material. And luckily, he has, almost has, a little ankle here – which means that this thing can slip over it and we can Velcro at the top, which is what’s holding it on. And then it was just a matter of giving him some tread pattern so he could grip.

乔恩·杜尔曼     牙科修复师

Luckily, Triumph took to the new boot immediately.


Marley Christian, Vet Nurse
So since I put it on him, he actually did this little jump – started running around, so… yeah, he reacted really, really well. He seems like, I don’t know, he was reborn again, he was just rejuvenated. I have to say that I cried because it was just such a great moment.

马莉·克里斯蒂安     动物护理员

Now Jon’s working on a new version ­– improving the boot design.


Marley Christian, Vet Nurse
Amazing! Amazing that it could be done. And it just gives him a better quality of life – because he’s going to be in captivity for the rest of his life.

马莉·克里斯蒂安     动物护理员


prosthetic 义肢的,义体的

patient 病人,患者

mobility 行动能力

rejuvenated 恢复了活力

quality of life 生活质量


He made the koala a boot.




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Clout 影响力

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