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作业管理 homework management


Primary schools should ensure that students in the first and second grades do not have written homework. Those in higher grades should complete their homework within one hour, the circular said.


Grade在学校的语境中除了表示“年级”以外,还可以表示“成绩、分数”(名词)或者“评判、批改”(动词)等意思,比如:What was your grade on the math test?(你数学考试考了多少分);Mrs. Smith would be the one grading their spelling tests and their reading tests.(他们拼写测验和阅读测验的阅卷老师是史密斯夫人)。

The average amount of time junior high school students spend on written homework every day should be less than 90 minutes, according to the circular.


Schools are required to adjust the form and content of homework in accordance with the traits of different schooling stages and subjects, as well as the needs and abilities of students.

Teachers should not give homework to parents, directly or indirectly, or ask parents to grade homework.

After-school training institutions are prohibited from giving any homework to primary and secondary school students, the circular said.


这里用primary and secondary school表示“中小学”,具体来说,primary school通常指代“小学”,也可以用elementary school来替换,而secondary school指“介于小学和大学之间的教育机构”,即“中学”,是各类中等教育学校的统称,既包括普通的初高中,也包括职高、技校等教育机构。我们更加熟悉的middle school在英语国家通常指“五年级(或六年级)到八年级的学校”,即“初中”。


Teachers should make full use of classroom time and after-school services to make sure primary school students can basically finish all work at school and that junior high school students can complete most of it, it said.


这里出现了“初中”的另一种说法junior high school,这个表达多见于美国,一般指七年级到九年级这个学段,也就相当于咱们所说的“初中”,后续的“高中”用senior high school表达。

The difficulty of the homework should not exceed national curriculum standards, and there should be no repetitive or punitive homework.




Schools should open a sufficient number of physical education courses based on requirements of related authorities - four for first and second graders and three for third, fourth, fifth and sixth graders and middle school students - the notice said, adding that the ministry encourages schools to conduct one PE course every day.


钓鱼岛及其附属岛屿 the Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands

4月26日,自然资源部在官方网站和钓鱼岛专题网站发布其组织编写的《钓鱼岛及其附属岛屿地形地貌调查报告》(a landform survey report on the Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands)。


Based on historical data, the survey obtained new terrain data of the Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands, as well as the terrain data of waters 30 meters or less in depth, using technology such as satellite remote sensing.


英语中表示“岛”的词常见的有island,islet以及isle,注意哦,这三个单词里面的字母s都不发音,分别读作['a?l?nd],['a?l?t]以及[a?l]。其中,isle跟island意思相同,均表示四周都被水包围的一片陆地,只不过isle多用于诗歌以及岛屿的名称,比如,the British Isles(不列颠群岛);islet指比较小的岛(a small island)。

The report also made large-scale topographical thematic maps of the Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands, improving basic geographic data of the area.


“附属岛屿”affiliated islands中的affiliated这个词来自于动词和名词一体的affiliate,表示“使...隶属,与...有关”或者“分支机构、附属机构”等,常用的搭配是affiliate(ed) to,比如:Our college is an affiliate to the university(我们学院是隶属于那所大学的),Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University(复旦大学附属华山医院)。

The survey is of great significance to the resource management and ecological environment protection of the Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands, according to the report.





These remarks are completely reckless and highly irresponsible. With such person misleading the public opinion, how can the Japanese people view China's development in an objective and rational way and build up confidence in China-Japan relations? I want to stress some points as follows.

First, China always adheres to the path of peaceful development and firmly pursues a national defense policy that is defensive in nature. In his speech at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2021, President Xi reiterated that China will continue to be a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development and a defender of the international order. However strong it may grow, China will never seek hegemony, expansion, or a sphere of influence. Nor will China ever engage in an arms race. And I tell the Japanese side now, stop talking nonsense about China's development and misleading the public.

Second, the Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands are China's inherent territory. China's patrol and law enforcement in waters off the Diaoyu Island is an exercise of its inherent rights. The Taiwan question is purely China's internal affair. China will never allow any country to interfere in any way. Some Japanese people's erroneous words related to Taiwan fully expose their sinister thinking that they do not want to see China's peaceful reunification and will do everything possible to obstruct that great cause. China must and will be reunified. The Japanese side should never harbor any illusion with ulterior motives.  

Third, in more recent history, Japan's act of aggression and expansion in Asia has brought untold suffering to the people of the victimized countries, including China. To this day, however, Japan is still reluctant to honestly face up to and repent its history of aggression, but has staged political farces, one after another, to deny and whitewash this part of history. Certain Japanese politicians wantonly smear China while turning a blind eye to its deplorable records of aggression. The world should be on high alert as to their real intention. We urge Japan to reflect on itself, immediately stop slinging mud at China and refrain from going further down the wrong path.  


直播带货 livestreaming marketing


It makes clear that individuals engaged in livestreaming marketing or operations should be aged 16 or above, and a blacklist system should be established to block anyone, including account holders and live streamers, who seriously violate the regulations.


Livestreaming是live(读作 /laiv/)和streaming两个词的合成形式,这里的live是形容词,表示“现场的”,比如我们看春节晚会的时候,主持人就会说,这里是春晚直播现场,We are here at the live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala;streaming最初被翻译成“流媒体”,其实就是在网络上播放音频或者视频文件,比如在线平台网飞(Netflix)就是一个TV and movie streaming platform(影视剧在线播放平台),而stream用作动词的时候,也可以用来表达“在线播放”,比如:Millions of videos are streamed every day on Youtube.(油管上每天播放的视频有数百万个)。那么把live和streaming结合在一起,就是在线播放现场的音频或视频,简而言之就是“直播”。Marketing在商业领域一般表示“市场营销”,比如很多公司都有的职位:marketing consultant(市场营销顾问),marketing manager(市场营销经理)等。由此,livestreaming marketing就是通过livestreaming(直播)的形式来进行某种商品的marketing(市场营销),也就是我们所说的“直播带货”了。


办法明确,直播营销平台(livestreaming marketing platforms),是指在网络直播营销中提供直播服务的各类平台,包括互联网直播服务平台、互联网音视频服务平台、电子商务平台等。

Platforms will need to hire professional moderators to “maintain the safety of livestreaming content”, according to the regulation.

Livestreamers are required to provide their real names and social credit codes to service providers. Platforms, in turn, must verify the information, submit them to local authorities, and deny services to any livestreamers whose data does not match their real identity or who is blacklisted in the industry.

The regulation stipulates that people engaged in livestreaming marketing must provide true, accurate and all necessary information about the products. No content that could mislead or defraud consumers is allowed.

It also prohibits activities such as selling counterfeit goods, infringing upon intellectual property rights, falsifying online views and tampering with transaction figures.

Account holders and livestreamers should respond to reasonable requests from consumers in a timely manner.


核心舱 core module



The core module, Tianhe, has a total length of 16.6 meters, a maximum diameter of 4.2 meters and a takeoff mass of 22.5 tonnes, and is the largest spacecraft developed by China.

The module is equipped with three docking hatches reserved for visiting manned or cargo spacecraft and two berthing locations used to connect with space laboratories. There is also a hatch for astronauts' extravehicular activities.

核心舱主要用于空间站的统一控制和管理(control and management of the space station),以及航天员生活,具备长期自主飞行能力(capability of long-term autonomous flight),能够支持航天员长期驻留,支持开展航天医学和空间科学实验(hosting space medical and scientific experiments)。

The space station will be a T shape with the core module at the center and a lab capsule on each side. Each module will be over 20 tonnes. When the station docks with both manned and cargo spacecraft, its weight could reach nearly 100 tonnes.

The station will operate in the low-Earth orbit at an altitude from 340 km to 450 km. It has a designed lifespan of 10 years, but experts believe it could last more than 15 years with appropriate maintenance and repairs.



1992年9月,中国实施载人航天工程并确定中国载人航天“三步走”的发展战略(three-step manned space program):

第一步,发射载人飞船(manned spaceship),建成初步配套的试验性载人飞船工程,开展空间应用实验。2013年神舟5号载人飞船任务顺利完成。

第二步,突破航天员出舱活动技术(extra-vehicular activity)、空间飞行器的交会对接技术(rendezvous and docking),发射空间实验室(space lab),解决有一定规模的、短期有人照料的空间应用问题。

第三步,建造空间站,解决有较大规模的、长期有人照料的空间应用问题(operate a permanent manned space station)。

2017年4月20日19时41分,天舟一号货运飞船(cargo spacecraft Tianzhou-1)成功发射。此次任务是中国载人航天工程空间实验室阶段(space laboratory stage of China manned space engineering)的收官之战,标志着中国载人航天工程胜利完成“三步走”战略中的“第二步”任务,为空间站建设任务奠定坚实技术基础。

2021年4月29日,我国用长征五号乙运载火箭(Long March 5B heavy-lift rocket)将核心舱发射进入轨道。

今明两年总体的发射任务将达到11次,其中包括3次空间站舱段发射、4次天舟货运飞船(cargo spaceship)发射、4次神舟载人飞船(manned spaceship)发射。

2022年前后,我国空间站有望完成组装,开始全面运行(fully operational)。


反食品浪费法 anti-food waste law



Under the newly enacted law, catering service providers could face a fine ranging from 1,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan if they encourage or mislead consumers into ordering excessive quantities of food which causes waste, and refuse to rectify the problem after being warned by market supervision departments.


该法所称食品浪费(food waste),是指对可安全食用或者饮用的食品未能按照其功能目的合理利用(failure to consume food that is safe to eat or drink in the way it is supposed to be consumed),包括废弃、因不合理利用导致食品数量减少或者质量下降等。


Catering arrangements for work-related events should be based on the actual circumstances and all the details such as amount of dishes and way of dining should follow the principle of frugality and not go beyond the standard thereof.

Catering service providers can reward customers who eat everything they order.

Catering service providers could charge customers who leave excessive amount of leftovers a disposal fee, but rates for the charge must be clearly advertised.


这里的leftover用作名词,表示“剩饭菜”,如果用形容词形式来表示就是leftover food。其实leftover这个词来源于动词短语leave over,表示“遗留,留下(以后再用)”,比如:leave this pie over for tomorrow(这个派留着明天吃),换成被动语态就是we can have the pie left over from yesterday(我们可以吃昨天剩下的派)。

The law also clarifies the ban on making or broadcasting programs or videos related to excessive eating, noting that violators who refuse to rectify the problem after being warned by regulatory agencies will be fined from 10,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan.



China's annual grain output remained above 650 million tonnes for five consecutive years during the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) period, but food waste has been a lingering problem that poses a potential threat to the country's food security.


Food security强调的是确保人们都能得到维持健康生活所需要的粮食,主要跟粮食的供应和人们获取的渠道有关,我们称为“粮食安全”;而food safety强调的是确保人们吃进嘴里的食物在生产、存储和销售等环节都符合卫生健康标准,即“食品安全”。


Approximately 18 billion kg of food is wasted every year in China's urban catering industry, according to a report based on nationwide field research carried out by NPC deputies.

The country also sees over 35 billion kg of grain loss at pre-consumption stages including storage, transportation and processing, the report added.

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