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Could planting giant trees offset a lifetime’s carbon footprint? 种植大树能抵消人一生的碳足迹吗?



Could planting giant trees offset a lifetime’s carbon footprint? 种植大树能抵消人一生的碳足迹吗?


有关 “the future(未来)” 的词汇


How many sequoia trees have been planted on a site outside Brecon, Wales?


They are huge and ancient trees. Most likely to be found in California – like these sequoias in Yosemite National Park. But if you wait, you are going to have to be patient here, you may start to see some growing further afield in parts of the UK.


Nelli Bird, BBC correspondent
And this is what they look like when they start off – so tiny compared to what they’ll turn into. And already, nearly 500 of these trees have been planted here on this land, just outside Brecon [in Wales].

内利·伯德       BBC通讯员

Henry Emson is the man behind the One Life One Tree project.

亨利·埃姆森是 “一生一树” 项目背后的灵魂人物。

Henry Emson, Founder, One Life One Tree project
The idea came about when I was looking at my children’s carbon footprint and I wanted to get a head start for them on how they could offset before they started to hit adulthood, and I came across an article that talked about giant sequoias. But this is really about a legacy and, you know, these trees over a period of, you know, a couple of hundred years, should be able to actually bring someone’s carbon footprint down to zero. 

亨利·埃姆森       “一生一树” 项目创始人

And so, on this site in mid-Wales, nearly 500 giant sequoias have been planted. Not easy to spot from high up yet – they have these green nets around them for the first few years to protect them.


Alongside each sequoia, three native trees are being planted to increase biodiversity.


Henry Emson
This is a long-term project. We’re really keen that people think about, you know, the short-term things that they can do to reduce emissions – that’s what the planet needs.


But behind each tree is a story.


Lindsay Perks
We’ve come over from Bristol today to plant this tree in memory of my dad and the kids’ granddad. It was very difficult for him to talk about what he wanted for his funeral, so this just feels like an appropriate thing to do. My dad liked to work in woodwork…


Nelli Bird, BBC correspondent
It’s lovely then, that you’ll be able to come back and see it, isn’t it? And…

内利·伯德       BBC通讯员

Matt Perks
Yeah, it’s something that will last our lifetimes and the kids’ lifetimes and beyond as well.


And if you are wondering whether giant sequoias can thrive in the UK, take a look at this forest not far up the road in Powys in mid-Wales. The oldest sequoias here were planted in the mid-nineteenth century.


Today, sequoias are under threat in their native California – one-in-ten destroyed in devastating wildfires last summer.


Planting in the UK can help protect a species that will tower over generations to come.



patient 有耐心的

legacy 遗留物,遗产

long-term 长期的

lifetimes 一生,有生之年

generations to come 子孙后代,世世代代


Nearly 500 giant sequoias have been planted on the site just outside Brecon, Wales.



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