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美式拼写和英式拼写 三大区别



“颜色” 的拼写是 “color” 还是 “colour”?想表示 “组织、安排” 这个动作是用 “organize” 还是 “organise”?虽然美国人和英国人都以英语为母语,但他们对一些相同事物的拼写方法是不一样的。这两种英语中,部分单词在拼写上的区别有规可循吗?“一分钟英语” 归纳并讲解美式拼写和英式拼写中常见的三个区别。


Hi, I’m Georgina from BBC Learning English. In today’s lesson we are going to look at three differences between American English and British English spelling.

Words which end with ‘-er’ in American English often end in ‘-re’ in British English.
For example:
‘I live in the center of town.’ changes to… centre.

Normally, verbs which end in ‘-ize’ in American English can be spelled in British English with either ‘-ize’ or ‘-ise’.
For example:
‘Can you organize the meeting?’ changes to… organise.

Sometimes words with ‘-or’ in American English can be spelled in British English using ‘-our’.
For example:
‘What’s your favorite color?’ changes to… favourite colour.

It doesn’t matter whether you use American English or British English spelling – just make sure you use one or the other!


1 有些在美式拼写中结尾为 “-er” 的单词,在英式拼写中以 “-re” 结尾。

美式拼写:I live in the center of town.    英式拼写:I live in the centre of town.

美式拼写:I’m going to the theater.    英式拼写:I’m going to the theatre.

2 有些在美式拼写中结尾为 “-ize” 的单词,在英式拼写中也能以 “-ise” 结尾。

美式拼写:Can you organize the meeting?    英式拼写:Can you organise the meeting?

美式拼写:She didn’t realize that.    英式拼写:She didn’t realise that.

3 有些在美式拼写中含有 “or” 的单词,在英式拼写中写作 “our”。

美式拼写:What’s your favorite color?    英式拼写:What’s your favourite colour?

美式拼写:I like your humor.     英式拼写:I like your humour.

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