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The future of shopping 无人超市:未来购物主流?





The future of shopping 无人超市:未来购物主流?


有关 “consumerism(消费)” 的词汇


How many adults in Hummelsta have tried automated shopping?


It’s cold, it’s gloomy, and if you run out of milk, it’s a fifteen-minute drive to the supermarket. But this wooden container offers a lifeline. You use an app to open the doors. Your phone scans whatever you need. And the bill’s charged to your bank card.


Critics argue it’s a less sociable shopping experience. But during the pandemic, that’s a bonus.


A manager stocks the shelves here once a week, but with no other staff to pay, it’s saved the firm’s founders a lot of money.


Daniel Lundh, Cofounder, Lifvs
We’ve definitely seen a great interest from other countries as we’ve been expanding our own chain here in Sweden. Interest from England, Spain, Portugal, Germany. So, we’ll definitely expand outside Sweden in the near future.

丹尼尔·伦德       Lifvs 创始人

Cities are the next target for the business – and they’re not alone. Amazon’s testing unmanned stores in the US. And here in Sweden’s tech-savvy capital, a major supermarket chain is also trialling the concept.


Many of the entrepreneurs here think unmanned stores will soon be mainstream.


Cecilia Johansson, Entrepreneur
The challenge is, of course, the older generation that have a habit of going to store and meet the person, but I also think that we have seen quick, rapid growth of digitalisation due to the Covid situation. So we are changing the behaviour of the consumers.

塞西莉亚·约翰逊       企业家

But so far, there are no plans to take staff away from Sweden’s biggest supermarkets, where retail bosses say customers want advice and inspiration, not just something to snack on. Back in Hummelsta, nine out of ten adults have already tried the unmanned store, and anyone struggling with technology is offered help – so it’s easy to pick up that carton of milk or perhaps something to sweeten the taste of Sweden’s dark, bitter winter.



charged 记在…的账上

stock shelves 上架,摆货架

unmanned 无人的

mainstream 主流的

digitalisation 数字化


Nine out of ten adults in Hummelsta have already tried the unmanned store.



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