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1. 一季度中国经济数据出炉

2. 个人养老金制度正式落地

3. 《新时代的中国青年》白皮书发布

4. 我国首个国家植物园正式揭牌

5. IMF下调今年全球经济增速预期


1. 经济数据

economic data


China's first-quarter GDP expanded 4.8 percent compared to a year ago amid pressures from a more complicated and grimmer international environment and a resurgent of COVID-19 cases, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Monday.


一季度,中国国内生产总值(gross domestic product)270178亿元,同比增长4.8%,比2021年四季度环比增长1.3%。一季度,全国规模以上工业增加值(value-added industrial output)同比增长6.5%。一季度社会消费品零售总额(retail sales)108659亿元,同比增长3.3%。一季度全国固定资产投资(fixed-asset investment)同比增长9.3%3月份,全国城镇调查失业率(the surveyed urban jobless rate)5.8%,比上月上升0.3个百分点。


财政收入 fiscal revenue

经济指标 economic indicator

工业产值 industrial output

城镇调查失业率 surveyed urban unemployment rate


2. 个人养老金制度

private pension scheme


China on Thursday rolled out a private pension scheme to complement the nation's current pension system in its latest effort to tackle the strains of an aging population.


意见规定,个人养老金实行个人账户制度,实行封闭运行,每年缴纳个人养老金的上限为12000(the scheme allows Chinese citizens to contribute up to 12,000 yuan annually to individual pension accounts that would be subject to closed-end management),未来还会根据经济社会发展水平和多层次、多支柱养老保险体系发展情况等因素适时调整缴费上限(the cap would be adjusted according to social and economic development as well as how the country's pension system evolves)

意见规定,个人养老金资金账户资金用于购买风险相对较低、投资期限较长的金融产品(the funds in the accounts can be used to purchase financial products that are of relatively lower risk and a longer-term investment horizon)。国家制定税收优惠政策,鼓励符合条件的人员参加个人养老金制度(the government will offer tax incentives to encourage participation in the new system)


基本养老保险 basic pension insurance

遵循自愿原则 on a voluntary basis

企业年金 enterprise annuities

商业保险 commercial insurance

老龄化社会 an aging society



white paper titled "Youth of China in the New Era"


The State Council Information Office of China on April 21 published a white paper titled "Youth of China in the New Era." The white paper is the first of its kind focusing on China's youth. The document records achievements in the country's youth development in the new era, and reflects the spirit of its youth.


白皮书介绍,新时代中国青年生逢中华民族发展的最好时期(live in the best times in Chinese history),物质发展环境更为优越,精神成长空间更为富足,拥有更高质量的发展条件;教育机会更加均等(equal access to education),职业选择丰富多元(diverse career options),发展流动畅通自由,实现人生出彩的舞台越来越宽阔;享有更全面的保障支持,成长成才有了更良好的法治环境、更有力的政策支持、更可靠的社会保障、更温暖的组织关怀(young people in China in the new era can grow and prosper in a better legal environment and enjoy stronger policy support, more reliable social security, and greater care from a range of organizations)

白皮书指出,新时代中国青年素质过硬、全面发展,把树立正确的理想、坚定的信念作为立身之本(young Chinese should hold lofty ideals and be firm in their convictions, which are fundamental to their success),理想信念更为坚定,身心素质向好向强(better physical and mental health),知识素养不断提升(stronger intellectual foundations),社会参与积极主动(active participation in social activities),努力成长为堪当民族复兴重任的时代新人(grow into a new generation who are capable of shouldering the responsibilities of national rejuvenation)

白皮书指出,新时代中国青年更加开放自信地融入世界,“走出去”的道路越来越宽,沟通合作的“朋友圈”越来越大,在与世界各国青年的交流合作中,弘扬和平、发展、公平、正义、民主、自由的全人类共同价值(advocate peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom, which are the common values of humanity),展现构建人类命运共同体(build a global community of shared future)的青春担当。


新时代的中国青年 China's youth in the new era

蓬勃向上的中国青年形象 the vibrant and energetic image of the Chinese youth

共青团 the Communist Youth League of China (CYLC)

创新创业 innovation and entrepreneurship


4. 国家植物园

national botanical garden


China unveiled its first national botanical garden on Monday in Beijing, aiming to conserve the country's biodiversity and serve as a Noah's Ark to preserve endangered plant species, according to the National Forestry and Grassland Administration.


国家植物园是在中国科学院植物研究所(南园)和北京市植物园(北园)现有条件的基础上,经过扩容增效有机整合而成(build upon the work of the Institute of Botany under the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Beijing Botanical Garden),总规划面积近600公顷(covering around 600 hectares)。目前园内已收集各类植物1.5万余种,迁地保护水杉、珙桐等珍稀濒危植物近千种;拥有亚洲最大的植物标本馆。

国家植物园是由国家批准设立的,以开展植物资源迁地保护(the off-site conservation of plants)、植物科学研究为主,兼具科学传播、园林园艺展示等四大功能的综合性机构。计划重点收集三北地区乡土植物、北温带代表性植物、全球不同地理分区的代表植物及珍稀濒危植物3万种以上,五大洲代表性植物标本(typical plant specimens from five continents500万份。

国家林草局表示,此次在北京设立的国家植物园是中国国家植物园体系(the national botanical garden system)的重要组成部分,国家林草局将会同住房城乡建设部、中国科学院等有关部门,稳步推进国家植物园体系建设,逐步实现我国85%以上野生本土植物、全部重点保护野生植物种类得到迁地保护的目标(achieve the goal of off-site preservation of more than 85 percent of the nation's wild native plants and all the wild plant species on key protection lists)。


野生植物 wild plants

过度开发 over-exploitation

迁地保护 off-site protection

国家生态安全 national biosecurity

外来物种入侵 invasion of alien species


5. 全球经济增速预期

global growth forecast


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Tuesday slashed global growth forecast for 2022 to 3.6 percent amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict, 0.8 percentage point lower than the January projection, according to its newly released World Economic Outlook (WEO) report.


IMF报告指出,乌克兰危机爆发之际,全球经济正“走在复苏的道路上(on a mending path)”,但尚未从疫情中完全恢复(has not yet fully recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic),自1月份做出预测以来,全球经济前景已经“明显”恶化(global economic prospects have worsened "significantly")。

报告显示,乌克兰国内生产总值(GDP)出现两位数严重下滑(a severe double-digit drop in GDP for Ukraine),且俄罗斯经济急剧收缩(a large contraction in Russia)的“可能性很大”,且还会通过大宗商品市场、贸易和金融途径在全球范围内产生溢出效应(worldwide spillovers through commodity markets, trade and financial channels)。

报告称,受俄乌冲突间接影响,欧盟(the European Union)今年的经济增长前景被下调了1.1%至2.8%,这成为全球经济增速整体下调的另一因素(a large contributor to the overall downward revision)。美国今年经济增长预期为3.7%,较1月份预测下调0.3个百分点,2023年经济增长预期放缓至2.3%。中国国家统计局418日表示,一季度国内生产总值同比增长4.8%,达27.02万亿元人民币,面对国际挑战和新冠疫情反弹(in the face of global challenges and a resurgence of COVID-19 cases),开局总体平稳(a steady start in 2022)


俄乌冲突 the Russia-Ukraine conflict

货币紧缩 monetary tightening

金融市场动荡 financial market volatility

供需失衡 supply-demand imbalances


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