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辨析动词:assure, ensure, insure



动词 “assure、ensure” 和 “insure” 都以 “-sure” 结尾,它们的发音听上去很像,但含义和用法不同。后面可以直接加宾语代词的是哪个?哪个词和 “保险” 有关?哪个词表示 “确保” 某件事情一定会发生?听主持人 James 为你辨析三个词的区别。


Hi, everyone! Today's English In A Minute is all about the words assure, ensure and insure. They're often confused because they sound very similar.

To assure means 'to remove any doubt'.

It's followed by an object pronoun. For example:
My friend assured me that he would come to the party.

To ensure means 'to make sure that something happens'.

This verb is not followed by an object pronoun. For example:
I called the bakery to ensure the cake would be ready for the party.

To insure means 'to protect something with an insurance policy'. For example:
I insured my car against theft.


1. 动词 “assure” 用来表达 “(为消除疑虑)向……保证”,后面接宾语代词,以表明向谁保证。

I assured him that the package would arrive on time.
She assured me that the work would be done properly.

2. 动词 “ensure” 的意思是 “确保(某事会发生)”,后面不接宾语代词,而是直接说明事件。

I ensured the package arrived on time by delivering it personally.
She ensured the work was done properly by hiring the best workers.

3. 动词 “insure” 的意思则是 “给……上保险”。

I insured my house against fire and burglary.
The sales person advised me to insure my new computer.

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