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Wimbledon: The oldest tennis tournament explained 温网:历史最悠久的网球锦标赛



Wimbledon: The oldest tennis tournament explained 温网:历史最悠久的网球锦标赛


Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. The first Championships were 145 years ago in 1877 with men's games only. Women were allowed to take part a few years later in 1884.


In all that time, there's only been a few years where the tournament couldn't be held – during both world wars and in 2020 because of the Covid pandemic. When the Germans bombed London in World War Two, part of the roof at Centre Court was destroyed, which took years to repair.


Wimbledon is played on outdoor grass courts and is one of the four major Grand Slams, along with the Australian Open, the French Open and the US Open.

温网比赛在室外草地球场举行,是 “四大满贯” 赛事之一,其它三项赛事是澳大利亚网球公开赛、法国网球公开赛和美国网球公开赛。

Many consider it to be the most prestigious prize you can get in tennis. Roger Federer is the most successful men's singles player with eight titles and Czech American Martina Navratilova holds the record for women with nine.


The tournament takes place every year in Wimbledon, southwest London for two weeks from the end of June. And it's well-known for some recognisable traditions.


For example, the teenagers who play an important role in making sure the tournament runs smoothly – known as ball girls and boys… or the dress code – players must wear all-white and can be disqualified from the competition if they don't. It's also tradition for spectators to eat strawberries and cream and drink Pimm's, a British liqueur. And then there's the Royal Family, who usually make an appearance with the royal box at Centre Court.

比如,在确保比赛顺利进行方面,十几岁的孩子们起着重要的作用,他们被称为 “球童”。运动员须遵守着装要求,穿白色服装,否则可能被取消比赛资格。观众看球时边吃草莓配奶油,边喝一种叫皮姆酒的英国利口酒,也是温网一大传统。还有前来观赛的英国王室成员,他们通常现身于中央球场的王室包厢。

Because we're in England, rain used to be a big problem at Wimbledon and suspend matches a lot, but in 2009, a retractable roof was built on Centre Court, which now means player can continue whatever the weather.





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