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单词 certain 怎么用?



形容词 “certain” 可以表示 “确定的,肯定的”。常用搭配有 “for certain” 和 “be certain about something”。此外,“certain” 还可以用来在不提供细节的前提下表示 “某个特定的人或事物”。这个视频教你 “certain” 的常见用法。


1 形容词 “certain” 可以表示 “百分百确定的,有把握的”。

I am certain that Tuesday is the day before Wednesday.

Are you certain we are at the right place?

2 搭配 “for certain” 表示 “肯定地,确定无疑地”。

Tuesday comes before Wednesday, for certain.

He can't say for certain whether they'll be on time or not.

3 搭配 “be certain about something” 表示 “对某事有把握、很确定”。

I am certain about the length of this video. It's one minute long.

She is certain about the date of the event. 

4 “Certain” 还可以表示 “某个,某些,某位”,代指 “事物或人”,但不提供具体细节。

Hello? Boss? For certain personal reasons I can't come to work today.

Certain foods are easier to buy than others.

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