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The endangered monarch butterfly could be making a comeback in Mexico 濒危黑脉金斑蝶数量有望在墨西哥恢复



The endangered monarch butterfly could be making a comeback in Mexico 濒危黑脉金斑蝶数量有望在墨西哥恢复


Monarchs rarely give up their thrones willingly, and these monarch butterflies are no exception. They're currently endangered after a big drop in their migratory population. Scientists believe climate change, pesticides and illegal logging are threatening their very existence. But they're making a comeback.

很少有君主愿意放弃王位,而这些别名为 “帝王蝶” 的黑脉金斑蝶也不例外。黑脉金斑蝶目前濒临灭绝,这是由于它们迁徙的数量大幅减少。科学家们认为,气候变化、杀虫剂和非法伐木正在威胁着黑脉金斑蝶的生存。然而,黑脉金斑蝶现在重获生机。

Luis Martinez Garcia, Sierra Chincua Sanctuary Ranger
"Now we have more butterflies. More arrived here because the colony is bigger, and not just here. There is another place where there are even more butterflies, and further on there is even a bigger colony."

路易斯·马丁内斯-加西亚       青谷亚山保护区护林员

Every year, they travel up to 3,000 kilometres. They fly all the way from the United States and Canada to spend their winters in Mexico. It's one of nature's most spectacular mass migrations. But more than that, last year's winter offered a glimmer of hope. Their migratory population jumped by almost a third compared to 2020.


Their migration is so striking that hundreds of people gathered to witness it at this monarch sanctuary near Mexico City. And for some, the butterflies' survival takes on spiritual importance.


Lizbeth Cerrato Garcia, Visitor
"What do I feel? As if the butterflies were falling papers, falling leaves, flying souls. So, it's so many feelings woven together."

莉兹贝丝·塞拉托-加西亚       游客

This year's migration is already well under way. The butterflies hibernate, enjoy the warm weather and by spring, they'll be ready to mate and fly back. Hopefully a restorative holiday for many more years to come.





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