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单词 accept 的五个用法



动词 “accept” 有多个用法。比如:accept a gift(接受礼物)、accept an offer(接受邀请或提议)。“Accept” 还可以用来表示 “接纳”,“忍受”。主持人 Sam 教你动词 “accept” 的五个常见用法。


1 动词 “accept” 可以表示 “接受,领受(礼物、奖项、道歉、责任、付款方式)”。

Thank you but this gift is way too expensive – I can't accept it.

The singer accepted her award at the ceremony.

She accepted his apology for showing up late to her birthday party.

I accept full responsiblity for my decisions and mistakes.

Many shops don't accept cash anyore.

2 动词 “accept” 可以表示 “接受(邀请或提议)”。

Could everyone please accept the meeting invitation I just sent around?

She accepted the job straight away.

3 动词 “accept” 可以表示 “相信(某事属实);接受(现实)”。

Even though all the evidence was laid out before his eyes, he did not accept it to be true.

The relationship has been over for weeks, but he still refuses to accept it.

4 动词 “accept” 可以表示 “(因满意而)接受,接纳;认可”。

Tommy was immediately accepted by the other children at his new shcool.

After living in this area for three years, we finally feel accepted by the community.

5 动词 “accept” 可以表示 “容忍,忍受”。

I could not accept the living conditions in my previous flat, so I decided to move.

Even though it makes me sad, I accept that my time with you in this lesson is up.

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