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单词 while 的五个常见用法



单词 “while” 既可以作连词,也可以作名词使用。作连词时,“while” 有 “在…的时候”、“但是” 和 “虽然” 的意思;作名词时,它可以指 “一小段时间”。看视频,跟主持人 Sam 学习单词 “while” 的五个常见用法。


1 “While” 作连词时,可以表示 “在…的时候,与…同时”。注意,“while” 可以放在句首使用,也可以在句中使用,但后者的句子中不使用逗号。

While we were sleeping, it snowed! 

It snowed while we were sleeping!

While he was cooking, a parcel arrived.

A parcel arrived while he was cooking.

2 “While” 作连词时,可以表示 “但是,然而”。

One of the twins is shy, while the other is outgoing.

It took me an hour to solve this maths problem, while it took her only five minutes!

3 “While” 和 “whilst” 作连词时,可以表示 “虽然,尽管”,这是一个相对正式的用法,相当于 “although”。

While I know that sugar is bad for me, I can never say no to dessert!

While I understand that is your opinion, I'm afraid I do not agree.

4 “While” 作名词时,指 “一会儿,一段时间”。

It's been a while since we talked.

Are you looking for Jessica? I saw her a short while ago. 

5 表达 “worth your while” 的意思是 “值得你下功夫去做,对你有帮助”。

Even though we only had a short while together, we hope this lesson was worth your while.

Check out this article about how to keep a healthy diet – I promise it will be worth your while.

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