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学习单词 thought 的多个用法



你可能知道 “thought” 是动词 “think(想,觉得)” 的过去式,但是 “thought” 作为名词的用法你清楚吗?“Thought” 既可作可数名词,表示 “主意” 或 “观念”,也可作不可数名词,表示 “思考”。看 “一分钟英语” 视频的举例讲解。


1 动词 “thought” 是 “think” 的过去式,意思是 “想,思考;觉得”。

I thought of you yesterday.

He thought that film was funny.

2 可数名词 “thought” 可以表示 “想法,主意”。

I've just had a thought! We should go to the beach.

There's a thought! Let's order pizza.

3 复数 “thoughts” 指 “看法,观念”。注意,在表达这个意思时,只能用复数形式 “thoughts”。

Here are my thoughts on how to run a business.

What are your thoughts on the right age to give a child a phone?

4 不可数名词 “thought” 表示 “考虑,思考”。

This a difficult problem. We need to give it some thought.

Sorry, this just doesn't work. It needs more thought.

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