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The oyster shells used to build a living flood barrier 牡蛎壳被用于建造 “活的” 防洪屏障




The oyster shells used to build a living flood barrier 牡蛎壳被用于建造 “活的” 防洪屏障


These oysters are helping to protect the US city of New Orleans.


Their empty shells are being used to build a barrier to defend these coastal wetlands.


Dickie Brennan, Bourbon House
"We have to save our coastline. It's a crisis."

迪基·布伦南       Bourbon House 餐厅

US Geological Survey 2017
"Every 100 minutes, the Louisiana wetlands is losing an area as big as a football field due to canalling, levee building and rising sea level."

美国地质勘探局 2017

This has drastically weakened the wetlands' flood defence function.


Kim Reyher, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana
"With every hurricane season, we stand to lose. The land is slowly slipping into the water. The water is slowly coming up. And so, we can't just sit here and expect to stay here without taking action."

金·雷伊尔       路易斯安那州海岸恢复联盟

Some New Orleans restaurants think their oyster shells can help.


Dickie Brennan, Bourbon House
"This one restaurant has recycled over 700 tons of oyster shells. The neat thing is that every oyster that we get down there goes in the water. There's no waste."

迪基·布伦南       Bourbon House 餐厅

The shells are being brought to the edge of the wetlands. They're put against the bank to form a living, growing barrier.


Darrah Bach, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana
"The oyster shells that we're putting into the water are actually going to attract those baby oysters. They will settle on the shells and that's where they will grow. Not only are these shells going to attract oyster growth, they're going to attract other species. Fish are going to feed on them. Birds are going to feed on them. So, it creates a beautiful ecosystem."

达拉·巴赫       路易斯安那州海岸恢复联盟

This costly and labour-intensive project has covered 2.4km of the coastline so far. But one oyster reef has cut coastal erosion there in half over five years.




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