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单词 current 的多个用法




单词 “current” 既可以作形容词,表示 “现在的,当前的”,也可以作名词,表示 “(思想和情感上的)潮流”。另外,名词 “current” 还可以用来表示 “水流、气流、电流”。主持人 Phil 举例讲解 “current” 的用法。


1 形容词 “current” 指 “现在的,当前的,现行的”。

We need to reflect current trends.

This is our current plan, but it might change. 

2  名词 “current” 可以描述 “稳定、持续的流动”,常被用来表示 “水流、气流、电流”。

Don't swim there! The current is too strong!

Pilots have to learn about air currents.

The electrical current flows around the circuit.

3  名词 “current” 还可以用来表达 “(思想和情感上的)潮流”。

These writers all reflect the same current of thought.

As the band stepped onto the stage, a current of excitement went through the crowd.

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