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The dancer who performs in a wheelchair 轮椅上的舞者



The dancer who performs in a wheelchair 轮椅上的舞者


Joe Powell-Main, differently abled dancer
"What's really cool is that I'm on wheels. So, you can change direction and you can have different ways of travelling and sharing of weight, and things like that."

乔·鲍威尔-梅因       轮椅舞者

Joe performed at the Royal Ballet as a child but thought his career was over after he lost full use of his legs.


Joe Powell-Main, differently abled dancer
"About five weeks into my fourth year, I'd grown quite a lot. So, naturally I am quite flexible, which is good for dance but it's not good for life. So, kind of things hadn't caught up and I ended up injuring my left knee and then I was involved in a car accident as well. And I kind of thought that my dancing days were over."

乔·鲍威尔-梅因       轮椅舞者

Joe now champions inclusive ballet dancing for 'differently abled dancers'.


Joe Powell-Main, differently abled dancer
"I've come across vocational trainers who were sort of like: 'Well, why would I train someone who uses a wheelchair or crutches because there's not going to be a job that we know of, around here?'

乔·鲍威尔-梅因       轮椅舞者

I'm quite lucky in the fact that I had vocational training before I acquired my disability and something that we kind of need to talk about is: how can other dancers who maybe acquired their disability earlier in life – how can they access the same level of training as everyone else?"


Joe is now the star of a Royal Ballet show with dance partner Issy.


Joe Powell-Main, differently abled dancer
"If you were to compare it to conventional ballet technique, we kind of take some of that but we twist it and change it into an entirely new and different thing."

乔·鲍威尔-梅因       轮椅舞者

Isabel Lubach, Royal Ballet dancer
"Soon as we got in the studio it was just so... it just felt so refreshing. Like, it's just such a unique way of working to like find those sort of different challenges. I mean, it's just, it feels really special to be sort of, at the forefront of inclusivity with differently abled dancers."

伊莎贝尔·卢巴赫       皇家芭蕾舞团演员

The Royal Ballet hopes to continue to champion inclusive dancing.


Joe Powell-Main, differently abled dancer
"There's kind of always more work to do. It's not just a one-time thing and it's cracked for everyone. Especially in the classical ballet world, there is an under-representation for dancers who have different accessible needs. We definitely need to address that and so I think to do that, we need to have conversations and look at how we can redefine the ballet technique to include everyone."

乔·鲍威尔-梅因       轮椅舞者



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