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Content 作形容词和名词的用法



单词 “content” 作形容词时,可以表示 “满意的” 或 “知足的”;作名词用时,可以表示 “内容” 或 “含量”。用一分钟时间学习 “content” 作形容词和名词的用法。看视频,注意听这个词作形容词和作名词时读音上的变化。


1 “Content” 作形容词时,重音在后,读 /kənˈtent/,表示 “满足的,满意的”。

I felt content sitting by the fire, watching the rain outside.

He's really content with his life in the countryside.

2 形容词 “content” 还可以表示 “知足的,接受无法控制的事情”。

She was content with coming third in the race.

We are content that we can still put food on the table.

3 “Content” 作名词时,重音在前,读 /ˈkɒn.tent/,表示 “内容”。

I'm subscribed to her money-saving channel because the content is so interesting.

Your writing is enjoyable but it lacks content – add more detail please.

4 名词 “content” 还可以指 “(食物或饮料中某物的)含量”。

Soya milk has a low fat content.

This chocolate bar has a high sugar content.

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