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Mountain biking boosts the Australian economy 山地自行车运动推动澳大利亚经济增长



Mountain biking boosts the Australian economy 山地自行车运动推动澳大利亚经济增长


Carving out an economy all of its own, mountain biking in Australia is surging in popularity.


For the fast and the furious, nothing beats hurtling along a trail that lives up to its name. 


Bikes are helping to revive regional towns in Australia. Carefully crafted trails in forests near Nowra, south of Sydney, are part of a growing national network.


Kath Hopkins, Secretary, South Coast United Mountain Bikers
"Mountain biking really could be described as an industry in itself now, and there [are] many examples around Australia where that has happened for regional communities. Those communities like Nowra have fantastic trails. People have flocked there, and the whole town has benefitted.

凯思·霍普金斯    South Coast United Mountain Bikers 秘书

Phil Mercer, BBC reporter
"Adventure and adrenaline are the key ingredients of mountain biking. Australia has never had as many clubs, trails or riders. For some, it is an extreme sport – they have the scars and the broken bones to show for it. But to succeed, a tourist destination needs to cater for various ages and abilities."  

菲尔·默瑟     BBC通讯员

Nick Smee, President, South Coast United Mountain Bikers
"If I can't get out on my bike, I'm not a very happy person. When you are on a nice singletrack carving through the forest, it's got a lot of links to surfing or snowboarding. Just that feeling of just movement, just… you get in a good rhythm."

尼克·斯密    South Coast United Mountain Bikers 主席

Mountain biking is a multi-million dollar business in Australia. For many, the fun and the fear are addictive.




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