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单词 course 的用法



名词 “course” 有许多不同的用法,其含义多与 “进程” 相关。我们可以用 “course” 指 “路线”、“课程”、“体育比赛场地”,以及 “一道菜”。看视频,学习 “course” 的常见用法。


1 名词 “course” 可以指 “路线,航道,航向”,常见于搭配 “set a course(确定路线)” 和 “follow a course (沿路线行进)” 中。

Let's set a course for home.

We're on course to get there on time.

2 在谈论学习时,我们用 “course” 指 “(某个学科的)课程”。 

My course ends next year.

I've just started my English course.

3 在谈论高尔夫、赛车、赛马等体育运动时,“course” 可以指 “比赛场地,跑道”。

She got to the end of the course really quickly.

This is a really difficult course. There are lots of obstacles.

4 “Course” 还可以指 “(正餐中的)一道菜”。

My favourite course is always dessert.

Are you ready for your main course?

5 短语 “of course” 的意思是 “当然,当然可以”。

- Of course, I'll need your help. Can you do it?
- Of course!

I'm the best swimmer in my class. This is, of course, my own opinion.

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