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单词 individual 的用法介绍




“Individual” 可以作名词或形容词用。名词 “individual” 指 “(群体中的)个人,个体”。形容词 “individual” 的意思包括 “独特的,与众不同的” 和 “单个的,个人的”。看视频,听主持人 Phil 介绍这个词的用法。


1 名词 “individual” 指 “(群体中的)个人,个体” 和 “与众不同的人,有个性的人。

Almost everyone passed. There's just one individual who let us down.

She's quite an individual. She has her own style.

2 形容词 “individual” 可以描述人或事物是 “独特的,与众不同的”。

Your taste is very individual. I never know what you'll like!

This individual design from 60 years ago is rarely seen today.  

3 形容词 “individual” 也可以表示 “单个的,个人的”。

We make sure that we deal with your individual needs.

Each student in the class has an individual tablet.

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