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Rubik's Cube fans go head-to-head at 'speedcubing' event 魔方爱好者在 “魔方速拧赛” 中一决高下




Rubik's Cube fans go head-to-head at 'speedcubing' event 魔方爱好者在 “魔方速拧赛” 中一决高下


Tymon, World record-holding cuber
"I can usually solve the cube in under six seconds."

泰蒙       三阶魔方速拧平均世界纪录保持者

Billions of combinations, but only one solution.


These Rubik's Cube fans complete the puzzle at lightning speeds, racing against the clock at this competition in Glasgow, Scotland.


Orlaith, Speedcuber
"The Rubik's Cube is very important to me because it's like I have my own distraction from whatever is happening. It's really just something that's really calming to me. I first started cubing, like, two years ago on Christmas Day and my first solve was a couple of hours later. Once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down."

欧拉       魔方速拧赛选手

Tymon, World record-holding cuber
"We always had a Rubik's Cube lying somewhere around the house. So, at one point, I was like, 'well, it would be cool to solve one'. So, I looked up how to do it on the internet, and when I did, I also came across competitions, and basically ever since then, I've just been cubing all day, every day. You can choose how competitive you are about it. I mean, for me, it's all competitive."

泰蒙       三阶魔方速拧平均世界纪录保持者

Jacob, World record-holding cuber
"As well as the standard 3x3, this competition has events such as one-handed, 3x3-blindfolded, then variations of the 3x3, like the 2x2, which is a smaller version, and the 6x6 and 7x7, which are a lot bigger."

雅各布       魔表速拧平均世界纪录保持者

Orlaith, Speedcuber
"I can personally do it one-handed, but I'm trying to learn blindfolded, but it's really hard. It's really addicting and sometimes you can be up really late doing it, and not even realise it."

欧拉       魔方速拧赛选手



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