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Could honey provide a way of tackling resistance to antibiotics? 蜂蜜能否提供解决抗生素耐药性的方法?



Could honey provide a way of tackling resistance to antibiotics? 蜂蜜能否提供解决抗生素耐药性的方法?


Bees and their honey could have a part to play in dealing with a huge modern-day health problem. Overusing antibiotics is making infections harder to treat. Researchers at Cardiff University are looking to see if honey could help tackle some of the most stubborn infections.


Prof Les Baillie, Cardiff University, School of Pharmacy
"The problem we're having is that we're now seeing bacteria that have evolved to be resistant to almost all the antibiotics we're currently using to treat diseases. We're reaching a stage where the cupboard is empty. There's no real new antibiotics on the horizon. And if we don't do something new, something novel and innovative, we face a scenario where we return to the pre-antibiotic age."

莱斯·贝利教授       卡迪夫大学药剂学院

Beekeepers welcome the research and say that honey remedies are part of our history, mentioned in Wales as far back as the 12th Century by herbalists –Meddygon Myddfai.

养蜂人对这项研究表示支持,并称蜂蜜疗法是人类历史的一部分。早在12世纪,在威尔士就有人就提到了蜂蜜疗法,这些人是 “草药医生”(威尔士语:Meddygon Myddfai)。

Gruffudd Rees, Beekeeper
"For me, it's not a surprise, you know. I've been keeping bees for over 12 years. I'm fully aware of how good honey is and from the people that buy honey from me, I hear the stories of people putting honey on their wounds, on their sores. That everything. And it heals them."

格鲁弗斯·里斯       养蜂人

Dandelions are a great source of food for bees – rich in pollen and nectar, but they also contain compounds that are natural virus killers that could be used to develop new future therapies.


Prof Les Baillie, Cardiff University, School of Pharmacy
"Dandelions in our research had been shown to be very potent. We're doing a lot of research right now to try and find out what the active ingredients [are], and if you look back through the past, dandelions had been used for millennium in treatments to treat diseases."

莱斯·贝利教授       卡迪夫大学药剂学院

Garry Owen, BBC reporter
With concerns increasing about antibiotic resistance, researchers are now looking at age-old remedies. And honey could be part of the answer to a huge modern-day problem in the health service.

加里·欧文       BBC 通讯员

Honey is an ancient remedy, but it's now a starting point in the race to tackle the very real problem of hospital superbugs – and save lives.




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