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UK model goes to gym for the first time as an amputee 英国模特截肢后首次独自去健身房锻炼



UK model goes to gym for the first time as an amputee 英国模特截肢后首次独自去健身房锻炼


Sian Green
"I might be confident in a lot of other areas in my life, but in this I'm not."


Sian Green has set herself the target to go to the gym independently for the first time since having her leg amputated.


"I was in New York in 2013 with my friend. You know, we were just walking,  enjoying the sights. A cyclist came on to the pavement and a taxi driver followed him. He hit the cyclist and then he hit me severing off my left leg below the knee. The fact that I get to wave that flag for body positivity is everything to me."


Sian is a model, motivational speaker and content creator.


"When I'm modelling, I feel amazing. I feel really glamorous. I feel just really powerful. And knowing that I'm just owning everything about my body whilst doing it is amazing."


To help her confidence, Sian practised exercises in a public space with a personal trainer.


"I thought Tyler was an absolute breath of fresh air. Especially having a limb difference and being a PT [personal trainer], you know, it really gave me that inspiration I needed."


She was also shown how to use the equipment in a gym before going alone.


"I feel like I'm walking into a bit of a lion's den. I think it's very common to feel that way about going into the gym, even if you don't have a disability."


This is the moment Sian entered a gym on her own for the first time since losing  her leg in an accident.


"Hey, how are you? I feel OK. That's really hard. I have finally done it. I have been to the gym without anyone around me, without my husband, without my friend, any assistance, anything and I feel great. I feel really great."




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