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单词 serious 的六个用法



形容词 “serious” 常用来表示某人或事是 “严肃的”,问题或事故是 “严重的”。短语 “serious about” 怎么用?看视频,跟主持人 Sam 一起学习单词 “serious” 的六个常见用法。


1 用 “serious” 形容事物或状况是 “严肃的,认真的”。

Stop laughing! This is serious!

This documentary series has a serious theme.

2 用 “serious” 形容人是 “严肃认真的,不苟言笑的”。

Our professor is quite serious. He makes everyone nervous.

Although she hosts a comedy show online, she's a very serious person in real life.

3 短语 “serious about” 可以表示 “对...坚定的、认真的”。

She's very serious about becoming a scientist.

I'm serious about my promise to my children.

4 短语 “serious about” 也可以表示 “(对某人是)认真的,真心相爱的”。

They seem really serious about each other. It's sweet!

I'm serious about Linda. I want to marry her.

5 用 “serious” 形容事故、伤势或问题是 “严重的”。

Smoking can cause serious health problems.

They survived a serious car accident. They were lucky.

6 “Serious” 还可以表示 “重要的,需要认真对待的”。

Getting a pet is a big commitment. It's a decision that deserves serious consideration.

We are looking into this serious matter.

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