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Forrest Gump 阿甘正传(精讲之四)
[ 2006-03-27 10:03 ]





Neil Armstrong (Astronaut):That's one small step for man, are giant leaps for mankind...

Forrest: I thought I was going back to Vietnam but instead they decided the best way for me to fight the communists was to play ping pong. So I was in the special services, traveling around the country, cheering up all those wounded veterans and showin' how to play ping pong. I was so good that some years later, the army decide that I should be on the All-American Ping Pong Team. I was the first American to visit the land of China in like a million years or something like that. Somebody said would peace is in our hands. But all I did was play ping pong. When I got home, I was a national celebrity. Famous even thanCaptain kangaroo.

TV Host: Here he is, Forrest Gump, right here. Forrest Gump, John Lennon.

John: Welcome home.

TV Host: Can you tell us, what was China like?

Forrest: In the land of China. People hardly got nothin'at all.

John: No possessions?

Forrest: And in China, they never go to church.

John: No religion, too.

TV Host: Wow. It's hard to imagine.

John: Well, it's easy if you try, Dick.

Forrest: Some years later, that nice young man from England was on his way home to see his little boy, and was signing some autographs, for no particular reason at all, somebody shot him.


1.That's one small step for man, are giant leaps for mankind...:阿姆斯特朗登月时说的第一句话,标志人类里程碑的这句话意思是指他迈出的这一小步却是人类的一个巨大飞跃.

2.Captain kangaroo:当时一个非常出名的电视节目,其实这种说法也是在告诉我们当时的年代。在1985年后这个节目就停播了。但这种表达我们也可以借鉴,如果你想说自己很出名,就可以说I am even famous than 后面加一个当时很流行的事物。


阿甘这部电影的精髓在于,用一个智商只有75的低能儿的离奇经历串起了美国30多年的历史。从猫王到披头士,从垮掉一代到嬉皮士,从吸毒讲到性解放运动,从人类登月到妇女解放, 从越战到反战运动,从中美建交到水门事件,把美国这些年的历史要事是差不多掀了个底朝天。对于不很了解这些历史的年轻人无疑是一堂寓教于乐的文化课。而上面这个节选就是最有代表性的一段。开始是阿姆斯特朗的人类第一次月球探险,紧接着是尼克松访华乒乓外交,最后又是音乐巨匠约翰列农的英伦入侵。实在是不得不佩服作者超乎常人的想象力,将它们和阿甘联系到一起。如果对约翰列农了解的同学马上会发现一个细节,就是在采访时他讲的每一句话都是imagine这首歌里的歌词。而这首歌也让人们永远的记住了约翰列农。


Neil Amstrong


Neil Armstrong

Commander of the 1969 Apollo 11 lunar mission, Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon. An aeronautical pioneer, Armstrong also took part in the first in-space docking of two vehicles. He was the first civilian to enter NASA's astronaut program.


Mao Zetong shook hands with Richard Nixon

Nixon Visits China

Chinese leader Mao Zedong, left, greets United States president Richard Nixon in February 1972. Nixon's visit to China improved relations between the two countries and helped reestablish trade that had ceased two decades earlier.


John Lennon and Yoko Ono

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

British musician John Lennon originally gained fame for his singing and songwriting with the Beatles during the 1960s. After the breakup of the band in 1970, he pursued a solo career, writing and performing songs that advocated peace. He is pictured here with his wife, Japanese conceptual artist Yoko Ono. Together they produced experimental music and conceptual art.

Let It Be
The recording of the Beatles' album Let It Be began in January 1969 and became the Beatles' last album.



Nixon  1969
John Lennon 1940-1980
Armstrong 1972
Beatles 1960-1970
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