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Casino Royale《皇家赌场》(精讲之四)
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文化面面观  James Bond 的感情生活

考考你  一展身手



Bond: May I ask you where it is?

Lynd: 10 million waswiredto your account in Montenegro with a contingency of 5 more if I deem a prudent investment. I suppose you have been given some thought of the notion that if you lose, our government will have directly financed terrorism. What looks good? So you are telling me it is a matter of probability and odds. I was worried there wasn't chance involved.

Bond: Have you ever seen the player with the besthandwins?

Lynd: So, that would be what you call bluffing.

Bond: You heard the term. Then you also know in poker you never play your hand. You play the man across you.

Lynd: And you are good at reading people?

Bond: Yes, I am. Which is why I've been able to detect an undercurrent of sarcasm in your voice.

Lynd: I am not sure our money isin good hands.

Bond: You don't think this is a very good plan, do you?

Lynd: So there is a plan. I got the impression we were risking millions of dollars and hundreds of lives in a game of luck. What else can you surmise, Mr. Bond?

Bond: About you? Miss Lynd? Well, your beauty is a problem. You worry you wouldn't be taken seriously.

Lynd: Which one could say of any attractive women with half a brain.

Bond: True, but this one overcompensates by wearing slightly masculine clothing, being more aggressive than her female colleagues, which gives her somewhat prickly demeanor, and ironically enough, makes it less likely for her to be accepted and promoted by her male superiors and mistaken her insecurities for arrogance. Now I'd normally gone with only child but, you see, by the way you ignore the quip on your parents, I'm going to have to go with orphan.

Lynd: All right. By the cut of your suit, you went to Oxford whatever. Naturally think human beings dress like that. But you wear it with such a disdain, my guess is that you did not come from money and your school friends never let you forget it. Which means you are at that schoolby the grace ofsomeone else's charity. Hence the chip on your shoulder, and since you first thought of me render orphan, that is what I say you are. Oh, you are?! I like speculating and that makes perfect sense. Since MI6 looked for an unadjusted young man who'dgive little thoughtin sacrificing others in order to protect Queen and country, you know, formerSAStypes witheasy smilesand expensive watches, Rolex?

Bond: Omega.

Lynd: Beautiful. Now I just met you, I wouldn't go as far as calling you a cold hearted bastard.

Bond: No, of course not.

Lynd: But it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine you think of women as disposable pleasures rather than meaningful pursuits. So as charming as you are, Mr. Bond, I will be keeping my eye on our government's money and off your perfectly formed arse.

Bond: You noticed.

Lynd: Even accountants have imagination. How was your lamb?

Bond:Skewered, one sympathizes.

Lynd: Good evening, Mr. Bond.

Bond: Good evening, Miss. Lynd.


1. Wire

Wire 这个词这里用来表示"银行转帐",例如:I have $1,000 wired to your account.

2. Hand

在游戏中,hand 可以表示一下几个意思:
1) The cards held in a card game by a given player at any time. 在牌局中玩牌者所拿的牌
2) The number of cards dealt each player; the deal. 每个玩牌者所必须出掉的牌数;发牌
3) A player or participant in a card game 玩家
4) A portion or section of a game during which all the cards dealt out are played

在 Have you ever seen the player with the best hand wins? 这句话中,hand指的是"牌"。

3. In good hands

这个片语的意思是"In competent or safe care",例如:I know the children are in good hands when they visit my mother.

4. By the grace of

意思是"through the goodwill of",Lynd 这句话的意思是"邦德是在别人的好心资助下读大学的"。

5. Give little thought

"care a little",不在乎。

6. SAS

SAS指"British Special Forces, a branch of the military"。

7. Easy smiles

It means someone who smiles easily. 在这个情景里,Lynd means someone who smiles disingenuously, in order to trick people into thinking they're friendly, when they're actually dangerous assassins.

8. Skewered. One sympathizes.

Bond 表面是在说"他点的羊肉是穿起来烤的",这种"穿起来烤"的行为很残忍,让人同情,实际上是在说自己被Lynd尖刻的话刺穿。


文化面面观  James Bond 的感情生活

考考你  一展身手

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