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Sweet Wrap-up of the Chinese New Year

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When lovers are expected to enjoy the Valentine's Day by exchanging flowers and chocolates, traditional Chinese families are on the run to buy Yuanxiao, the exquisite dumpling for the Lantern Festival which falls on February 9th this year.

Recently, the Yuanxiao are flying off the shelves at the well renowned Yuanxiao store, particularly in Jin Fang, a time-honored Yuanxiao shop which was created almost a century ago in 1926. Crowds of people have been queuing up for its redhot products since the early hours of the day.


Customer A: It’ll be even more crowded when February 9th actually arrives. I have to buy it at an earlier date.

Customer B: I bought 2 kilos for my mother.

Customer C: This kind of Yuanxiao is widely loved by my relatives. I queue for two or three hours for it every year.

Yuanxiao, or the sweet dumplings, are made of glutinous rice flour and obviously they get the name from the Lantern Festival, also well known as Yuanxiao Jie. Shaped round and tasted sweet, Yuanxiao is endowed with the meaning of reunion, harmony and happiness. in the night of the festival, family members sit together to taste Yuanxiao and appreciate the full moon.

Liu Chunping,General Manager of the Yitiaolong Restaurant, Beijing Bianyifang Roast Duck Group Co, .Itd:

Except for the usual fillings, some popular fillings, such as cocoa, black sesame, hawthorn, sugarless and yellow millet have been recently added. The business is brisk; about 10 tons of Yuanxiao can be sold each day.

According to the manager, shop workers are working around the clock to meet the needs of their customer.

Apart from enjoying the sweet dumplings with family, people also celebrate the festival with other activities such as setting off fireworks and observing lanterns in big parks.

When the Lantern Festival is over, the Chinese New Year season comes to a close.

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