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My Lantern, my festival

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About fifty kids enjoyed a workshop about how to make lanterns in the Capital Museum on Friday afternoon, as part of the activities held by the organization to welcome the Lantern Festival which falls on Monday this year.

Derived from the Han Dynasty (206BC-AD220), the custom of lighting up lanterns and hanging them on the doorway of houses and guessing lantern riddles in big parks has made lanterns an indispensible symbol of the festival, which is regarded as a day for family reunion.

Accompanied by their parents, children listen to the tutor’s explanations and follow her demonstrations carefully, enjoying the happiness of the traditional festival by making lanterns themselves.

Zhang Yiting (Seven years old): Today, I have learned how to make lanterns, and I like to be here.

Wang Yue (Mother): I got to know the activity from my friend. I searched the website of the Capital Museum. It’s good to bring my kid here to make her understand more of the Chinese culture but also to improve her ability to do some handwork. This is the first time we have been here and we will surely come here again.

Song Yuan, tutor of the educational department of the Capital Museum:

We generally have 12 workshops every week, from Tuesday to Saturday, both in the morning and afternoon. Around forty children come to join us each time. We do Chinese traditional paintings and New Year pictures printing, making lanterns and knitting Chinese knots. Most of them are about Chinese handcrafts. Children can then better understand the culture.

The Seven-color Workshop is one of the interactive educational bases in the Capital Museum. It mainly aims at preschool children and primary school students. As the workshops can help improve kids’ working ability and imagination, they are becoming popular among parents and their children.

(英语点津 Helen 编辑)