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New student immigration system set to launch in UK

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The UK Government on Monday announced the go-live date for the student tier of its new points-based system for migration.

From 31st March, Chinese students looking to study in the UK can apply for their visa through the new points-based system which will streamline the student visa application process.

The Points Based System is part of the biggest set of changes to the UK immigration system for 45 years.

The changes to the visa application system will allow students to check whether they are eligible for a visa before they even apply, making the whole system more straightforward.

Under the new transparent system, Chinese students will need to prove that they have been accepted onto a course run by an education institution which is licensed by the UK Border Agency (UKBA). They will also need to prove that they have the means to support themselves and supply their biometric details at their local visa application centre.

There are currently over 60,000 Chinese students in full time education in the United Kingdom.

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