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China Daily Video News August 28, 2009

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International News

'Senator of Senators' mourned worldwide

Massachusetts Senator Edward “Teddy” Kennedy died this week from brain cancer. He was 77 years old. Teddy overcame political defeat and personal tragedy to become one of the most respected legislators in the US congress.

New US Amb. arrives in China

President Obama’s choice for US Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, arrived in Beijing last Friday. The former Utah governor and fluent mandarin speaker was confirmed by Congress in early August.

Japan voters say ready to give chance to opposition

Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party countries poised to lose its parliamentary majority, polls say. The LDP is facing accusations that it is corrupt, out of touch, and ineffective after over 54 years in power. http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/world/2009japanelection/2009-08/26/content_8620140.htm

ROK learns lessons from failed launch

South Korea’s first space rocket burned up in the atmosphere this week after a technical malfunction. But officials vowed to push on with their country’s space program.

National News

Dalai Lama Taiwan tour denounced

The Dalai Lama will visit Taiwan this week to comfort victims of Typhoon Morokat. Beijing condemned Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou’s decision to allow the visit, however, saying it would damage cross-straits relations.

Chery to expand overseas

Anhui-based car company Chery will open six factories outside China this year, giving it a manufacturing presence in 15 different nations. The company’s cars are already sold in 60 countries globally.

Exports narrowly edge past Germany's for first time

China has passed Germany to become the world’s largest exporter this month, as the financial crisis has made cheap Chinese exports than pricier German-made products.

Short video

Big pig in the big city

This is Laifu,a potbellied Beijing pig whose owner makes sure he is perhaps the most pampered pig in China.

Laifu's owner, who would not reveal her name, has hired Ms. Li, who has experience raising pigs in Henan, to make sure he has everything he needs.

[Li: When he’s not happy, he produces a low moan to show his unhappiness. When he’s happy, his tail wags to show how happy he is, wagging this way, wagging that way, wagging up and down, wagging in circles. Very happy.]

For the moment, however, Laifu is on a diet and a regular exercise program – which he completes in custom-made shoes designed to help protect his feet.

In his neighborhood, Laifu has become a bit of a celebrity. But when it all gets to be too much, Laifu can even escape into his favorite pop music.

[Li: He loves listening to Jay Chou’s “Qing Hua Ci.” If you let him listen to it, he will snort happily. He feels very comfortable.]

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China Daily Video News August 28, 2009

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China Daily Video News August 28, 2009

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