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Have you TEMPLE FAIRed?

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The city of Beijing feels almost empty as soon as the Chinese New Year arrives, because the large migrant population have gone back home. But if you visit the temple fairs, you'll see another picture.

I am already regretful for coming here but every year I found myself being here. I wonder why …

The good reason is that temple fair is one of the most traditional routines during the Spring Festival. And the real reason is that who can really stand a 7-day-relative-visiting in a roll?

So when you want to slide away from countless uncles and aunts, just say “I'm going to the temple fair” because no party is held daytime and no one will blame you for the cultural thing.

And actually there is a lot of fun here despite the jostling being a little irritating. It's a good place to show off your skills and win your girlfriend a lame trophy.

But I know I'm no good at none of them. So I'll just buy something.

Shopping – the best game I like. And here at the temple fair not only can you find all kinds of folk crafts of China but also many crazy stuff. And the brilliant thing is you can never be too crazy.

Another important thing at the temple fair is food. It's always easier to feel hungry while looking at the hot smoke drifting and other people eating.

But they are all about twice the price as usual and but people still grab them as if they are on the house. It's the New Year after all.

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